Cellmular HD Ampoules - Hair regrowth

10 x 5ml Vials High quality ampoule preparation for mesotherapy of the latest generation. Fantastic results can be expected in hair loss.     *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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Centrifuge Medifuge

High quality Medifuge CGF centrifuge - specially designed for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) production with PRP tubes - fractional centrifugation with preset 6-part program. For efficient platelet/growth factor yield.      *Information on the calculation of the delivery date
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PRP tubes - PU 20 pieces | without anticoagulants

The newest PRP tubes made of crystal glass! Until now we had the high quality/thick walled borosilicate glass. The properties of crystal glass are much more favorable in terms of PRP production. Furthermore, the sterilization of the tubes is done with the autoclave. The tubes are now non-pyrogenic. The PRP tubes do not contain anticoagulants / separating...
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Florêve - Glow - Beauty Ampoule

Florêve - Glow - Beauty Ampoule to drink. 14 ampoules (a' 15 ml) for a two-week course of treatment. Florêve - Glow - Beauty ampoule [IN] GLOW Radiance is a drinking ampoule cure, the effect of which is not long in coming! Revitalizes the skin, retains moisture and makes the complexion look radiant.     *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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Carboxy DolorMed - Medical device for carboxy therapy

Carboxy device - portable device for carboxy applications (CO2) - mainly used for pain relief and medical aesthetics - cosmetic applications include lacrimal sac, neck, stretch marks, cellulite enhancement - local injections of CO2 for pain relief.    *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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Plasma gel device - Thermostat APAG

High quality plasma gel device / PRP-Thermostat with preset programs. No China goods! Produced in Italy!   APAG is the latest dermal filler ideal for true natural augmentation and meets all requirements for modern injections. The only filler that is 100% endogenous and therefore well tolerated by the body. The blood is closely monitored by the body system...
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LED Mesoroller Derma Roller - spare head 0.5 mm

LED Mesoroller Derma Roller - spare head 0.5 mm Spare head for single use 0.5 mm needle length 540 needles in total 4 colors LED light - depending on the indication, the appropriate color can be set With exchangeable spare heads 540 needles insertion depth 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm With battery operation (battery not included/6V battery-no rechargeable...
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Sleep concept Biomed+ Night Cap - nightcap - PU 24 pieces

Drinking concentrate with plant extracts, zinc and B vitamins. Sleep concept Biomed+ Night Cap - slumber drink has sleep-promoting ingredients, acts with its aroma through the senses, allows a falling asleep ceremony and uses ingredients for the body's own regeneration processes. Packaging unit (VE): 24   *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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PRP Professional Set

PRP-Professional Set consisting of: 2x Density Platelet Gel | PRP tubes VPE 10pcs. 1x Mesoram 30G 0,30x4mm, PU 100pcs.  1x Vacutainer Butterfly G 21 Green with holder - PU 24pcs.  1x Mediware Disposable Syringes 2/3ml 3-piece Luer-Lock Sterile (PU 100pcs.) 1x PRP Serum Cream for PRP 1x Vinyl gloves
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Sleep Concept Biomed+ SleepWell - Pillow Spray

Aromatherapy with selected essential oils. Promotes relaxation for a deep and restful sleep. Who sleeps well, feels good and it shows.     *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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Centrifuge Hettich EBA 200

Big performance for the small lab. The Hettich EBA 200 small centrifuge is a practical laboratory centrifuge for small sample volumes.   *Information on the calculation of the delivery date
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Tegler Combi-Stopper Closing Cones

The combination stopper is placed on the syringe instead of the needle. You need this, for example, before the syringe is inserted into the thermostat (to prevent the plasma from leaking into the heating unit). 
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Original needle head for the Vital Injector 2

Original needle head for the Vital Injector 2   Packing unit 20 pieces  9-pin replacement needle heads Vital Injector 2 for professional apparative treatment
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Centrifuge Hettich EBA 270

Hettich EBA 270 is a small centrifuge with swing-out rotor, which is especially suitable for medical practices. Centrifuge conventional laboratory tubes to 15 ml at a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. This corresponds to an RCF of 2254. Due to their 90° rotating rotor, they are particularly suitable for centrifuging laboratory tubes with separating gel.
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Vital Injector (the original with med. CE)

Vital Injector2 is the innovative improved product of the original Vital Injector, an automatic aqua lifting injector. It has adopted the latest technology of using 5 needles simultaneously, maximizing the effect and shortening the treatment time. It has also adopted the disposable filter system, which allows safe treatments in a hygienic environment....
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