FFP2 masks/tests - please order by mail/see minimum order quantity

Certified FFP2 mask - Prices incl. transport + VAT see attachment - graded in quantity and variety - two varieties - certified - we will be glad to send you documents as well as pictures of the products - offer subject to change (exchange rate changes/air freight prices) We would like to point out that we were able to offer high quality, certified...
Dermalfiller Overage® - red/crosslinked - Deep
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Dermalfiller Overage® - red/crosslinked - Deep

Dermalfiller Overage® - red/crosslinked - Deep. Universal filler and natural volumizing.  Ideal for: create a naturally flowing volume natural filling regions minus tissue perfect filling of medium deep and deep wrinkles correction of nasolabial strengthening of tissues in the reinforcement correction of lip volume Correction of nose shape 23mg/ml...
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Dermalfiller Overage® - violet/crosslinked - Deeper

Overage Violet gives the skin the desired elasticity and fullness for a fresher, youthful appearance with long-lasting results.  Overage Violet is suitable for both needle work and needle correction.  The gel is evenly distributed in the tissue and does not require further correction by hand. 23mg/ml 1ml glass syringe 2 x 26G/13mm needles CE 0476/Class...

Dermalfiller Overage® - blue uncured - Meso - the freshness kick

Overage Blue restores the structure of the skin and the product is an effective treatment for more sensitive areas, such as treating dark gutters under the eyes or wrinkles above the lip. 23mg/ml uncrosslinked 1ml glass syringe 2 x 30G/13mm needles CE 0476/Class 3     *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins

Active ingredient ampoules Detox Omega

Active ingredient ampoules DeTox Omega - Ampoules with high doses of active ingredients for a youthful skin tone.  No substances of concern (parabens, PEG, etc. ) - Made in Germany! 2ML/5pcs
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