Carboxy DolorMed - Medical device for carboxy therapy

Carboxy device - portable device for carboxy applications (CO2) - mainly used for pain relief and medical aesthetics - cosmetic applications include lacrimal sac, neck, stretch marks, cellulite enhancement - local injections of CO2 for pain relief.    *Information zur Berechnung des Liefertermins
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Medical devices for effective pain therapy and medical cosmetics. 

Subcutaneous carbon dioxide emission is an invasive method of injecting subcutaneous carbon dioxide into analgesics and cosmetics. 

In the field of pain management, it is used for both topical and systematic treatment. 

The cosmetic program (carboxy treatment) is suitable for the treatment and improvement of the eye area (dark circles, bags under the eyes), fat reduction, neck, décolleté, scar, stroke, cellulite, among others. 

Subcutaneous CO2 gas insufflation is also a natural healing method.

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