Florêve – ANTI-HAIR LOSS CURE- Beauty

Florêve – ANTI-HAIR LOSS CURE- Beauty

Florêve - ANTI-HAIR LOSS CURE- Beauty 14 ampoules (á 15 ml) for a two-week course.

[IN] Anti-Hair LOSS CURE is a drinking ampoule cure - which acts from INSIDE and can prevent hair loss.



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Florêve – ANTI-HAIR LOSS CURE- Beauty


Seasonal changes, hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution, mechanical stress such as brushing, straightening, coloring, etc.) are major factors in hair loss.


Florêve Paris has developed a unique formula that fights these factors from within:


Sage helps regulate hormonal activity, horsetail promotes hair growth and keratin protects hair from stress and daily attacks.


Hair loss can be sustainably reduced. The hair looks visibly strengthened and fuller.


In combination medical hair treatments, it is recommended that during the treatment cycle (insertion of ampoule preparations, PRP scalp treatment) a course of drinking ampoules for at least two weeks.


Florêve - ANTI-HAIR LOSS CURE- Beauty successfully offers this holistic treatment. Oral intake of active ingredients leads to intensive care of the hair root.



after 30 days of intake:

  • 3.8 times less hair loss*

After three months of treatment

  • plus 18% hair growth
  • strengthens the hair fiber: 6 times more resistant and plus 95% hair volume.
  • The hair is thicker and stronger

* Scientifically tested active ingredients


3 stars active ingredients




The hair consists of 95% keratin. With age, the level in the body decreases. We have chosen a pure keratin, rich in amino acids, the closest to human. Thanks to a patented extraction process, this keratin is bioassimilated by our body for a much deeper and longer lasting effect. Keratin strengthens the hair fiber to protect it from stress and mechanical stress (brushing, washing, straightening, coloring, etc.). Your hair is thicker and more resistant. Keratin also strengthens the nails.




Horsetail acts on the hair follicle cycle to reduce hair loss. In addition, horsetail is a powerful antioxidant rich in minerals such as silica, iron and selenium. These minerals strengthen hair (but also nails, bones and body tissues) and promote their growth.




Stress and hormonal imbalance (childbirth, menopause, contraceptive treatment, etc.) are among the main causes of hair loss. Sage, a medicinal plant used since ancient times, helps to relieve stress. It also resembles a woman's estrogenic hormone and helps regulate hormonal activity to combat hair loss. Finally, sage is rich in antioxidants to protect hair from free radicals.


  • Calories: 19 Kcal / ampoule
  • Net quantity: 14 ampoules x 15 ml
  • Manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • 100% Made in France.
  • 100% pasteurized glass ampoules,
  • 100% biodegradable



Drink every morning the contents of one ampoule (preferably on an empty stomach pure or diluted in a little water (4 cl).


To optimize results, we recommend a one-month treatment, repeated every three months, at the end of the season or simply when you feel the need. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and do not consume other supplements at the same time. Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle Pregnant and lactating women please consult your doctor. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature away from sunlight. Keep out of the hands of small children.

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