Carboxy DolorMed - Medical device for carboxy therapy

DolorMed K - device for carboxy therapy

Carboxy device

- portable device for carboxy applications (CO2)

- mainly used for pain relief and medical aesthetics

- cosmetic applications include lacrimal sac, neck, stretch marks, cellulite enhancement

- local injections of CO2 for pain relief. 


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Carboxy DolorMed - device for carboxy therapy

This form of carboxytherapy uses very fine mesotherapy needles.

The microinjections of medical carbon dioxide into the skin trigger various mechanisms in the tissue.

The vessels dilate, the oxygen and nutrient supply increases and the cell metabolism is stimulated.

The body's own growth factors are released and lead to regeneration in the tissue.

Increased microcirculation improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Stretch marks and stretch marks can be improved, dark circles/eye bags show immediate success.

Local fat deposits can be reduced when CO2 is administered into the fatty tissue.

The lipolytic effect also plays an important role in the treatment of cellulite. The all-rounder carboxy has few side effects and no allergies can be triggered.

Alone or in combination with other forms of therapy, e.g. mesotherapy, carboxytherapy is an efficient and effective method that finds a wide spectrum in the medical as well as aesthetic field.

In medical applications, carboxytherapy is used in pain therapy (migraine, myalgias, tendopathies), in circulatory disorders, in dermatology (acne, ulcus cruris, etc.), ENT (tinnitus, dizziness, etc.) and many other applications.

Furthermore, there are hands-on courses on this topic including treatment schemes, disclaimer, billing tips, etc.

The material costs are extremely low (mesoneedle/filter/gas bottle is sufficient for 6,000 injections/filling up the gas bottle usually costs no more than approx. € 70.00)

Application areas

Carboxytherapy an efficient and effective method, which finds a wide spectrum in the medical as well as aesthetic field.


- Wrinkles

- dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes

- Elastosis

- Cellulite, spider veins

- Lipolysis


- Migraine

- Sports medicine

- Dermatology

- Vessels

- there are many more applications like tinnitus, dizziness etc.


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