Hydration Face Mask
Hydration Face Mask
Hydration Face Mask
Hydration Face Mask
Hydration Face Mask
Hydration Face Mask

Hydration Face Mask | Face Mask after Microneedling | iActive-3-Level-Complex | 5 pcs

The Treatment Hydration Face Mask is a real skin care innovation from Germany. It is a high quality face mask that is applied after microneedling treatments. It is used after all types of facial treatments, such as wrinkles, acne scars, scars or pigment spots. Content 5 pieces.


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Professional face mask for intensive moisture, skin regeneration and protection against skin aging after the microneedling treatment.

The DERMIDA Treatment Hydration Facial Mask is the first microneedling mask that, thanks to its proprietary iActive3LevelComplex, optimally moisturizes, repairs and protects your skin from aging after cosmetic treatments

The basis for this is the protected formulation based on hyaluron, Matrixyl, Prodew 500 (amino acid complex), Gatuline Expression AF (BioBotox), iActive (ceramide complex), niacinamides, allantoin and cactus extracts

The high-quality carrier material made of coconut milk ensures maximum absorption of the serum and adaptation to the shape of the face of the person being treated.

The Microneedling Mask intensively moisturizes the skin and supports the healing process of the skin, reduces redness and irritation of the skin and intensively counteracts the aging process of the skin

The Microneedle and Dermaroller Mask is also designed to enhance treatment results by stimulating the skin's own collagen and hyaluronic acid for significant improvement.

Use the DERMIDA Hydrating Facial Mask after treating wrinkles, oily skin, pigmentation or facial scars.

The masks are individually wrapped to ensure sterile working and application as needed. In addition to microneedling, the mask is also perfect after cosmetic and medical treatments such as microneedling, dermarolling, BB Glow, dermabrasion, peeling, laser, dermaplaning, hyaline infusion or as a daily anti-aging mask.

Microneedling Mask and Dermaroller Mask Advantages at a glance

✓ Innovative iActive3Level Complex for hydration, protection and regeneration

✓ Intensive hydration of the skin

✓ Reduces redness, irritation, micro-cracking and dryness

✓ Supports the skin regeneration process

✓ Promotes the body's own collagen and elastin production

✓ Evens out wrinkles and imperfections ✓ Leaves skin fresh and supple

✓ Quickly gives the skin more elasticity

Microneedling mask with innovative iActive-3-Level-Efficency-Complex

The iActive3LevelComplex is an active ingredient complex developed by DERMIDA Lab, which was optimized in years of research for cosmetic and medical treatments. The mask achieves perfection not only through the high-quality carrier material, but especially through its 3 pillars of active ingredient therapy:


> Hyaluronic acid: combination of four low and high molecular weight types, vegan hyaluronic acids.

> Prodew 500: amino acid blend that embrace the skin and skin provides valuable amino acids.

> Prickly pear water: Intensive and relaxing effect.

Repair and Regeneration

' iActive-Complex: Combination of the 5 most important ceramides to regenerate the skin barrier.

' Panthenol: Anti-itching and skin regenerating

' Allantoin: Anti-irritant, softening, smoothing


' Gatuline Expression AF: bio-botox based on acmella extract to reduce wrinkles

' 3% Niacinamide: promotes aquaporins, glow and reduces skin impurities

' Matrixyl®: Particularly effective anti-aging peptide

Premium carrier material made from CocoCell

The DERMIDA Treatment Facial Mask is made of fleece or cellulose and uses an even higher quality carrier material than silk. The so-called CocoCell carrier material is made of pure coconut milk. This material has the property that it can absorb significantly more serum than conventional carrier materials and can also adapt perfectly to any face shape. In addition, CocoCell gives the user a pleasant and silky skin feeling.


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