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12 lessons | € 1.100,00



12 lessons | € 890



10 lessons | € 1.300,00

Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) courses include

Material/equipment knowledge - legal basis - concepts - practical implementation 'step by step'

We work with medical equipment. We pay attention to the price structure and especially to the quality. Only in this way can you offer therapies that are characterized by effectiveness and turnover.

At the end of the seminar you will also find an overview of the materials and their sources of supply. As a rule, you ONLY need PRP tubes and consumables. Anyone who owns a centrifuge can start immediately with the first experiment. All you need for PRP is a centrifuge and a dot roller/pen. A small thermostat for Unicorn that has other uses as well.

A PRP treatment costs 27,00 € in the price of the pure material. The treatment costs vary depending on location and clientele between 200,00 € and 800,00 € (PRP therapy)


Immediate implementation of the therapy (s) in your own practice. You will also receive a pre-made set with all materials sufficient for processing. Additionally a course script with all written information

PRP theory and practice

Theory & Practice

The theoretical and practical basics were kept simple, but always explained and demonstrated in a detailed and understandable way

PRP Course Bonus Material

Bonus material

A complete kit with all materials (depending on the course booking) and an illustrated course script with step-by-step instructions

Assistance with PRP questions


Whether by phone or email, after the course we are always available to answer your questions in person



As an independent trainer, I will introduce you to PRP and its possible applications from a medical perspective. Only the right understanding leads to good results with PRP. I am connected with many scientists and networks internationally and work with the latest (medical) protocols.

Meanwhile, the continuation of PRP - also known as the "Unicorn or Unicorn Method" - is a real innovation. We have tried to set up the course in detail and with a lot of information. It is the quality and effectiveness of the therapies that sets us apart from the masses of cheap providers. But it also requires background knowledge. We have had our results cross-checked.


Katrin Böttger

In the field of PRP therapy and plasma gel, she works with different systems (no cosmetic companies) and different user protocols: "I am an independent trainer without association and company affiliation and regarding this fact, I also give information according to its content. Furthermore, I work exclusively with medical protocols

Lecturer for Meso- and PRP-Therapy and PlasmaGel production with international assignment (German/English).

Training in London, Berlin, Madrid, Italy, Moldova and Moscow. She organises her own seminars and workshops at regular intervals. Her spectrum includes - orthopaedics/sports medicine, - dermatology, - dentistry (conditional)- medical aesthetics Furthermore she is booked for in-house trainings in clinics and practices. The increasing demand in medical aesthetics shows in selected private treatments, especially before big events. Natural, efficient and safe skin rejuvenation is more in demand than ever. "Since September 2017, we have been able to produce autologous PRP in powder form. The powder form offers a wide range of applications."

As one of the first training institutes in the field of plasma gel production (biodermal filler) in Germany, I teach this fantastic method with great success." In cooperation with doctors of various specialties, new research results are always published. In connection with renowned international scientists, she immediately passes on new information in her seminars

All courses are compact and comprehensive, furthermore very practice-oriented/hands-on. The latest protocols with always up-to-date information are used.

Since October 2017, there is a book by Ms. Böttger for the course series"PRP and Plasma Gel" in German/English ISBN 978-3-00-057865-6

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Lecturer Katrin Böttger
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