PRP therapy in medical aesthetics including personal cosmetics

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): Blood plasma with a high concentration of growth factors and proteins, which is effectively used in therapy for regeneration and rejuvenation.

PRP therapy

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1. Introduction

PRP-Online Course Presentation

2. Theory - PRP therapy

PRP-Online Course Welcome to the course

PRP-Online Course What is PRP?

PRP-Online Course Factors influencing platelet yield + the wound healing cascade

PRP-Online Course Requirements for PRP tubes

PRP-Online Course Centrifugation

PRP-Online Course Mode of action of PRP + difference medical/aesthetic use

PRP-Online Course When does PRP work in medicine or aesthetics?

PRP-Online Course Treatment cycle + frequency of treatment

PRP-Online Course Advantages of PRP therapy

PRP-Online Course Contraindications

PRP-Online Course before treatment

PRP-Online Course personalized cosmetics

PRP-Online Course after the treatment

3. Practice - PRP therapy

PRP-Online Course Material overview

PRP-Online Course Devices + Medical Devices Act

PRP-Online Course Preparation of the tubes

PRP-Online Course Skin anaesthesia (part 1)

PRP-Online Course Skin anaesthesia (part 2)

PRP-Online Course Blood collection

PRP-Online Course Centrifugation

PRP-Online Course Production of personalized cosmetics

PRP-Online Course Collection of plasma for PRP or PPP

PRP-Online Course Injection: classical method 1

PRP-Online Course Injection: classical method 2

PRP-Online Course Injection: with the "Vital Injector 2

PRP-Online Course Treatment completion with a HA mask + nutritional supplementation

platelet-rich plasma - from production to application

Due to the different specific gravity, centrifugation results in the blood components being arranged in layers. The platelet-rich plasma layer contains a high content of various growth factors and cytokines and serves as the basis for effective therapies in medicine as well as in aesthetics

Fields of treatment

Treatment areas PRP has become an invaluable part of medicine and aesthetics. Until recently, it was still punished in sports medicine for doping among elite athletes, but the treatment process received media attention from well-known individuals named Dracula Lift. This form of autologous blood therapy has overshadowed existing medical procedures and aesthetic treatments with extraordinary success at a time when health and naturalness are of great importance in our society. 100% autologous 0% allergenic

The mechanism of action has been proven by various studies.

The indications are diverse and can be found in all areas of medicine. Due to the use of endogenous substances, PRP is not only considered very mild and allergen-free, but also relatively safe without long-term monitoring

Important: Own blood is subject to the Transfusion Act, AMG, among others. Participation for non-medical practitioners is possible and reasonable. The treatment is limited to the own application (medical aesthetics, orthopaedics, hair loss etc.)

Practical online PRP course

PRP for aesthetics, including custom cosmetics

PRP for aesthetics

1x illustrated course script/material overview

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