Unicorn lift in medical aesthetics

The unicorn method (unicorn lift) is an extension of the PRP treatment and differs considerably in terms of its effect and blood preparation - the secret lies in the time-consuming preparation of the blood sample

Course programme

1. Introduction


2. Theory: Unicorn Lift

What is Unicorn Lift or the Unicorn Method?

How Unicorn works



3. Practice: Unicorn Lift

Blood Collection (Part 1)

Blood Collection (Part 2)



Filtration (part 1)

Filtration (part 2)

before treatment

Subcutaneous injection

after treatment

Regeneration, Rejuvenation & "GLOW"

Young, fresh and flawless skin can only be achieved by a continuous collagen formation. In the long run this cannot be achieved by adding neurotoxins and exogenous fillers but only by activating the regenerative processes of the skin. Cytokines - not yet known in Germany but in proliferation - are one of the most modern and advanced procedures in the world and an innovative continuation of the autologous blood therapy. The results are visible immediately after the application of the "Glow" pad of popular tissue and skin. In the long run, cytokines have been shown to be a treatment option that can not only stop but also reverse skin aging

The secret lies in the time-consuming preparation of the blood sample.

The unicorn method (Unicorn Lift) differs significantly from the PRP method in terms of effect and blood production. After blood collection, the blood is incubated for six hours

From PRP to Enriched Serum

The final centrifugation ensures a plasma that is enriched with growth factors in high concentration. The protein-rich but cell-poor plasma is injected directly into the skin. The aging process manifests itself in thinner skin, loss of elasticity, redness, dryness and wrinkles.

The Unicorn Lift can visibly improve these skin conditions. Skin that has been aged by ultraviolet light contains several immune cells. These in turn trigger chronic inflammation and impair the formation of new skin. The specially prepared plasma has a positive effect on sun-damaged skin. Cell regeneration is stimulated, moisture can be stored and collagen production is increased. The result is a rejuvenated skin tone and a radiant "glow"

The theoretical framework includes the mode of action, aesthetic and orthopedic indications, legislation, advertising, pricing, equipment selection.

The treatment cycle consists of 3-5 units and costs € 2.000,00 - € 3.000,00. This method is also successfully used for orthopedic indications

Centrifuge and incubator are required for this method. We show cheap sources of supply.

Practical online course: Unicorn lift in medical aesthetics

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