Classic mesotherapy

versatile use - medical & aesthetic

Mesotherapy is a very effective and gentle treatment which is used for various acute and chronic diseases as well as in aesthetic medicine and is becoming more and more popular

The effect is based on the specific local application of active substance combinations and the stimulating physical effect of the puncture. Injection techniques are closely related to the principles of acupuncture, neural therapy and the principle of reflex zones

Course schedule

The illustrated lesson scripts contain all the information and show many instructions and their procedures - no notes are required, which means more time to practice

The emphasis of the training is on practical application. Not only will the entire process be demonstrated to you, but you will also practice directly on the "patient" under supervision.

After completion of the course, you will thus have practiced all indications practically and will be able to apply them immediately in practice.

With correct application, which can only be carried out by qualified doctors or alternative practitioners, the treatment shows almost no side effects or complications and is also suitable for children and pregnant women

We work through different indications together with the corresponding medication in each case - the right technique plays just as big a role as the selection of the active ingredients

These are individually composed from different areas of allopathy, homeopathy and vitamins etc. and injected directly into the skin of the area to be treated

This creates a skin deposit with the active ingredients, which are gradually released, guaranteeing a fast and at the same time long-lasting effect

The injected active ingredient complex reinforces and complements each other. Due to the enhanced effect and the local application, the quantities of active ingredients used remain small

By stimulating the microcirculation and by diffusion processes, substances directly reach the diseased area and also deeper structures like muscles and tissues, but hardly enter the blood circulation. Mesotherapy is particularly gentle, as the already low doses do not unnecessarily stress the body

Fields of treatment

The microinjections regulate the defenses by modulating the immune cells of the skin.

This results in:

  • increased blood circulation
  • Oxygen uptake into the connective tissue
  • Tissue stimulation
  • Release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory agents

Mesotherapy thus offers a wide range of treatment options

Fields of treatment
Posture, Arthosis, Joints
Posture, Arthosis, Joints

Application takes place directly at the painful joint via the target organ skin with regulation of the immune cells and increased blood circulation.

Application is carried out directly on the painful joint via the target organ, the skin, with regulation of the immune cells and increased blood circulation.

The application of supplementary active substances is individually adapted.

Acne, skin diseases
Acne, skin diseases

Mesotherapy is a mild and effective method that can be used for all skin-related indications

Acne: The accompanying mesotherapy tries to support the healing process with medications, vitamin preparations, homeopathic preparations and organ preparations

Migraine, neuralgia
Migraine, neuralgia

Quick help in pain therapy without systemic application - with few side effects.

Acne, skin diseases
Burns, disturbance in blood circulation, wound healing

Individually combined active ingredients can ensure better microcirculation in the tissues and have a lasting effect. The rest of the body is not affected by the treatment. There are no known side effects on the stomach, liver, intestines or kidneys

Hair treatment
Hair treatment

Mesotherapy shows amazing results in treating hair. With the right technology it is also less painful

Weakness of the immune system, microvaccination, immunodeficiency
Weakness of the immune system, microvaccination

Recurrent infections and immune deficiencies can strengthen the body with the right selection of active ingredients and bring them to the "right" layer of the skin

And many other applications: Non-smoking shots, mosquito repellent shots, etc

Fields of treatment

First we learn this minimally invasive method with the thin and short needles typical for this type of therapy. The mechanism of action of the skin, the active ingredient and the technology are explained after each step

You will get an overview of the devices that are new and popular on the market: their advantages and disadvantages, testimonials, and once again put your own hands to aesthetic microneedling, manually and mechanically.


We practice the microneedling technology manually with the microneedling roller, with exchangeable replacement heads, different penetration depths and with integrated LED light in 5 different colours for the special treatment of problem skin

EPN - Needling Pen
EPN - Needling Pen

as well as mechanically, with the microneedling pen

- with adjustable penetration depth up to 2.0 mm combined with electroporation.

Vital Injector 2
Vital Injector 2

Vital Injector2 is the innovative, improved product of the original Vital Injector, an automatic aqua lifting injector. It has adopted the latest technology of using 5 needles simultaneously, maximizing the effect and reducing the treatment time. It has also adopted the disposable filter system, which allows safe treatments in a hygienic environment.

Law and order
Law and order

In addition, we explain the importance of the legal basis regarding medical devices and equipment.

Course content
  • Theory: Structure and mechanism of the skin, presentation of active ingredients
  • Practice: exercises concerning posture, migraine, non-smoking injection etc.
  • aesthetic treatments on face and décolleté
  • Hair treatment
  • Examples of use of the various active ingredients and explanation of mesotherapy ampoules/cocktails.
  • Apparative application of the newest generation (LED-Mesoroller, Vital Injector2, Carboxy, Microneedlin-Pen/EPN)
  • Application examples of the different active agents and explanation of mesotherapy ampoules/cocktails
  • small course group (max. 14 participants)
  • detailed illustrated course script
  • all materials are included in the course price
  • Assistance after the course
  • free images for application, disclaimer etc.

Before you decide on a course, consider what is important to you and what actually needs to be included in the course. We are convinced that after the end of the training the course participant should immediately be able to put what he has learned into practice - frontal training, without own practical application is not enough! All applications can be done by hand without expensive equipment.

We only work in small groups and guarantee a qualitative training. After the end of the course you have the possibility to ask us any questions you may have.

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