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Advanced training - PRP therapy

platelet-rich plasma from production to application

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Blood plasma with a high concentration of growth factors and proteins, which is effectively used in therapy for regeneration and rejuvenation

Centrifugation results in a layered arrangement of the blood components due to their different specific weights.

The platelet-rich layer of the plasma contains a high content of various growth factors and

Cytokines and serves as a basis for efficient therapies in medicine as well as in aesthetics.

Indications are manifold and can be found in every medical sector. Due to the use of the body's own substances, PRP is not only considered to be very gentle and allergen-free, but also relatively safe, without extensive aftercare

The mechanism of action has been proven by various studies.

PRP tubes - PRP therapy


Autologous blood is subject to the Transfusion Act, AMG, among other things.

Participation for non-medical practitioners is possible and reasonable.

The treatment is limited to the own application (medical aesthetics, orthopaedics, hair loss etc.)

Course schedule

In the course you will learn the exact mode of action of this therapy - in the medical field and also in the aesthetic field

We explain when it works and how it works - important information for the patient/customer

The procedure of a facial treatment differs significantly from treatments in the therapeutic field:

A healthy face reacts differently to PRP than an inflamed joint - and it is in this respect that the processes in facial/hair treatments differ from therapeutic treatments

In the illustrated script, the mechanism of action is once again clearly explained and all steps of PRP-compliant blood collection and preparation for use are legible

GSW works independently and is not affiliated with any company. Therefore, we work with different devices from different manufacturers, so you know what is really important

In the course we learn very intensively all the practical work.

The entire process is not only demonstrated to you, but you perform a patient treatment under supervision.

This starts from the preparation of the PRP to the application.

From blood draw to application, we go through the process.

Not only do we demonstrate, but the participant then takes over the entire process under supervision.

PRP Training Course
Learn PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

You give an application and come to enjoy your own treatment and can form your own opinion about the effect of this method

You will see that you actually have to know both aspects.

A facial treatment costs between € 350.00 and € 800.00 - depending on location and clientele

Of course we take into consideration the individual abilities, especially in case of insecurities in taking blood, injections in the face etc..

Furthermore, we show favorable sources of supply for material(PRP tubes, PRP kits) and devices (equipment, centrifuges) and go into advertising/marketing measures.

There are many manufacturers of PRP centrifuge tubes - we present the most common systems.

Many of them are no longer state of the art, because especially with the tubes/tubes there are big differences in the composition (plastic tubes) and the application (PRP-appropriate decanting of blood), which reduces the quality of the plasma

In addition, we do not work with the mesotherapy gun, because all the work can be done by hand and does not require an expensive meso gun.If you want to work with equipment, we can show the latest generation of injection (Vaccum Injector with 9 needles/32G).

All presented manufacturers are active in the medical field - none of them comes "only" from the aesthetics.

They have been internationally established for years and their results have been proven by many studies.

Fields of treatment

PRP has become an indispensable part of medicine and aesthetics

Until recently, it was still punished in sports medicine as doping among the best athletes, the therapy procedure gained attention in the media mainly due to famous personalities as the "Dracula-lift"

This form of autologous blood treatment has overshadowed existing medical procedures and cosmetic treatments with its extraordinary success at a time when health and naturalness are very important in our society

100% autologous 0% allergenic

Treatment of scars stretch marks
Treatment of scars stretch marks

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) improves the structure of the skin through cell renewal and can effectively minimize stretch marks and other scars in a positive way with regular treatments

Treatment of scars stretch marks

Effective volume enhancement, filling wrinkles and tightening the skin thanks to the accumulation of collagen and stimulation of the skin and subcutaneous cells

Cell renewal leads to a natural "radiance" effect and rejuvenated skin and is a natural way to reduce pigmentation spots

PRP hair treatment
Hair treatment with PRP

Hair loss can be prevented with the addition of melatonin. With already existing allopecia, hair loss as well as thinning hair, the hair root can be stimulated and strengthened and thus given a new appearance over the duration of a longer therapy.

Wound healing
Wound healing
  • Regeneration
  • Burn
  • poorly healing wounds
PRP in orthopedics
  • Postural apparatus
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Arthrosis
  • e.g. Bundesliga

PRP in powder form

  • Acne
  • Neurodermatitis
  • impure skin, exhausted skin, pigment disorders
  • Scars
  • restore the integrity of the mucosal surface of the vagina and cervix
  • establish a regular menstrual cycle
  • improve muscle tone in the pelvic floor
  • Heal skin cracks and fissures in the vaginal area
  • eliminate unpleasant sensations in the vaginal area during sexual intercourse
  • reduce the risk of new disease
  • Reduce scars after surgical procedures and stretch marks
Course content
  • Theory: mechanism of action of platelet-rich plasma, medical protocol, aesthetic protocol
  • Practice: aesthetic facial treatment (wrinkle treatment), on the scalp (hair loss), medical treatment (postural apparatus)
  • apparative use of the newest generation (Meso-Pen, Vaccum-Injector)
  • small course group (max. 14 participants)
  • detailed illustrated course script
  • all materials included in the course price
  • Assistance after the course
  • free pictures for application, disclaimer etc.
  • Certificate


Laboratory centrifuges may NOT be used for the production of PRP.

There must be a certification as a medical device class 2a!

As a training institute, GSW only demonstrates the production of PRP and point out this issue in every course.

Whoever uses laboratory centrifuges for the treatment of patients or in aesthetics, uses this centrifuge as a foreseeable misuse (misappropriation) at his own risk.

In our Shop we sell centrifuge with the certification as a medical device class 2a.

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