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Unicorn Lift

The Unicorn Lifting method differs significantly from the PRP method in terms of effect and blood preparation

After blood collection, the blood is incubated for six hours

Final centrifugation ensures plasma enriched with high concentrations of growth factors

Protein-rich but low cellular plasma is specifically injected into the skin

The aging process manifests itself in thinner skin, loss of elasticity, redness, dryness and wrinkles

The Unicorn Lift can visibly improve these skin conditions

Skin that is aged by ultraviolet light contains more immune cells

These in turn trigger chronic inflammation and interfere with new skin formation

The specially prepared plasma has a positive effect on sun-damaged skin

Cell regeneration is stimulated, moisture can be stored and collagen production is increased

The result is a rejuvenated skin tone and a radiant "glow"

Hands-on course focusing on the following:

  • the correct blood collection
  • Preparation of the serum
  • Application/injection aesthetics

During the course, each participant makes their own anti-aging serum and can try out this method for themselves if they wish

All materials needed for this are available

The treatment cycle consists of 3-5 units and costs between 2000,00 € and 3000,00 €

This method is also successfully used for orthopedic indications.

The theoretical framework includes the mode of action, aesthetic and orthopaedic indicators, legislation, advertising, pricing and selection of equipment

A centrifuge and incubator are required for this method. We show favorable sources of supply

Course trio

A complete course that includes all possibilities of bioregeneration

This course is held together with the Plasma Gel course and PDT (Photodynamic Therapy).

Unicorn Lift

Unicorn Lift

Unicorn Lift

Plasma Gel


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