Advanced training - Injection techniques

Injection techniques

suitable for all types of fillers

Inject "naturally" with safety.

Course schedule

Using practical examples, we show the course of the blood vessels and the transition to other skin layers. Practice finding vessels and showing safe injection sites with the latest techniques

Practicing techniques alone with little or no anatomical information puts the client and practitioner at great risk

Injection blood vessels
PRP injections

This course is designed as an exercise-only course and does not use injectable substances for practice. If individual exercises are done incorrectly during the course, this will not have any profound consequences. Vascular occlusions and overcorrections are generally excluded here

We consider the injection of hyaluronic acid in a training course to be very problematic. First and foremost, you must be able to train safely. In addition, hyaluronic acid is often charged expensively in the course (per ml). This limits the scope of training and the possibilities to continue actively injecting in the course

We show different techniques (bolus, fan point, linear technique) as well as the latest injection methods

We use both the pointed needle and the blunt (atraumatic)

New techniques will be demonstrated and practiced (full face approach/8 point facelift), a three dimensional structure that includes deeper as well as superficial augmentations.

Learn injection techniques

During the seminar we practice practically

- Forehead (4 areas)

- Cheeks

- Nasolabial

- Mouth

No other course offers such extensive practice possibilities

Injections are made mutually under guidance.

Where to buy

We show cheap and qualitative sources for fillers, needles and cool tools.

Alternative filler types

We present the secret tip in the aesthetics industry

the BIO-Dermalfiller

made from plasma - subcutaneous injection & simultaneous collagen build-up

100% autologous 0% allergenic

Private lessons

This course is also available as individual lessons or tailored to your personal needs.

Number of participants as desired

Dates by arrangement.

Course content
  • Theory: Anatomy, danger zones, precautions/emergency management
  • Practice: Production & use of own plasma (instead of cross-linked fillers), practice of different injection techniques and injection methods
  • Use of sharp and blunt (atraumatic) needles
  • small course group (max. 14 participants)
  • detailed illustrated course script
  • all materials included in the course price
  • Assistance after the course
  • free pictures for application, disclaimer etc.
  • Certificate

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