In this section we would like to inform you about the battery ordinance and the correct disposal of batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Some of the goods we sell (electrical, cosmetic appliances) contain batteries. These batteries or accumulators contain toxic heavy metals. A disposal in the domestic refuse is therefore in principle forbidden.

In connection with the sale of batteries and accumulators or with the delivery of devices containing batteries and accumulators, we are obliged as a dealer under the Battery Ordinance to inform you as a consumer of the following:

The disposal of rechargeable batteries and batteries in household waste is prohibited! According to the battery ordinance, you as the end user are obliged to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries to the distributor or to the collection points set up for this purpose by the public waste disposal authorities.

Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin, similar to the symbol in the illustration below. Below the dustbin symbol is the chemical name of the pollutant - "Cd" for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, "Hg" for mercury.

These symbols mean that batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

Please dispose of used batteries, as required by law, at a municipal collection point or return them to your local retailer free of charge. Batteries received from us can also be returned to us after use:ße

763667 Nidda

Further information about the battery ordinance can be found at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety or via the following link Battery ordinance

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