Carboxy therapy

Carboxytherapy - treatment with carbon dioxide

Carboxytherapy (gas injections) is the intradermal or subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) for therapeutic and preventive purposes.

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What is the effect of carboxytherapy?

" Normalize cholesterol, blood sugar and metabolism at the cellular level;

" Promote the breakdown of localized fat deposits;

" Helps remove toxins from the body;

" Eliminates muscle and vascular spasms;

" For rehabilitation in musculoskeletal disorders.

Application of carboxytherapy

In angiology and phlebology

" Circulatory disorders in the arms and legs;

" Diseases of the cardiovascular system (especially in heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias) and functional disorders of the cardiovascular system;

" Trophic ulcers;

" Peripheral arterial disease with peripheral circulatory insufficiency;

" Cerebrovascular disease;

" Diabetic angiopathy;

" Varicose veins.

In neurology

" The aftermath of stroke;

" CNS dysfunction;

" Autonomic disorders with hyper-sympathicotonia;

" Degenerative disorders of the joints and spine;

" acute joint and spine pain;

" vasomotor disorders of the upper extremities: Vasoneurosis, Raynaud's disease and syndrome, acrocyanosis;

" vasomotor cephalgia, migraine, Meniere's syndrome.

In aesthetics

" Rejuvenation of the epidermis;

" The treatment of stretch marks;

" Cellulitis;

" Localized obesity;

" Swelling of the face and limbs;

" Reduction of dark circles under the eyes (replaces blepharoplasty);

" General sagging, laxity of the skin, decreased tone and turgor of the skin.

Carboxy therapy | Course curriculum

1. Introduction

PRP-Online Course Presentation

2. Theory - Carboxy Theory

PRP-Online Course Welcome to the course

PRP-Online Course Carboxy theory

PRP-Online Course Devices and materials

PRP-Online Course Device Functionality

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: injection amount

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: treatment cycle

PRP-Online Course medical use

PRP-Online Course Contraindications

PRP-Online Course Advantages of carboxy therapy

PRP-Online Course Economic efficiency

PRP-Online Course other advantages

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: effect

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: microcirculation

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: drilling effect

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: bacteriostatic effect

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: interstitium

PRP-Online Course medicalCO2: summary

3. Practice - Carboxy therapy

PRP-Online Course Injection: tension headache, migraine

PRP-Online Course Injection: muscle tension, miogeloze

PRP-Online Course Injection: arthritis, arthrosis

PRP-Online Course Injection: arthritis, arthrosis

PRP-Online Course Injection: circulatory disorder (part 1)

PRP-Online Course Injection: circulatory disorder (part 2)

PRP-Online Course Injection: Tinitus

PRP-Online Course Injection: Shoulder problems

PRP-Online Course Expectations & Results

PRP-Online Course Injection: facial aesthetic treatment

PRP-Online Course Injection: aesthetic neck treatment

PRP-Online Course Injection: face & décolleté

PRP-Online Course Injection: upper arms

PRP-Online Course Injection: hair treatment

PRP-Online Course Injection: abdomen

PRP-Online Course Injection: cellutite

PRP-Online Course vaginal rejuvenation

3. Important

PRP-Online Course Pricing

PRP-Online Course Conclusion

PRP-Online Course Anamnesis

Medical Co2

This form of therapy uses very fine mesotherapy needles. Microinjections of medical carbon dioxide into the skin trigger various mechanisms in the tissue. The vessels dilate, the supply of oxygen and nutrients increases and cell metabolism is stimulated. Own growth factors are released and lead to regeneration in the tissue.

Fields of treatment

We go to the mode of action of Co2 and practice as many areas of application as possible. Alone or in combination with other forms of therapy, for example mesotherapy, carboxytherapy is an efficient and effective method that finds a wide spectrum in medicine and aesthetics

Carboxy therapy in aesthetics


Skin wrinkles can be reduced. The complexion appears rosy and vibrant.

dark circles under the eyes & bags under the eyes

For dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes, the Co2 shows immediate success.


Stretch marks and stretch marks can be improved, as well as flabby tissue.

Cellulite & spider veins

A gentle treatment for cellulite and other visual blemishes such as spider veins.


When CO2 is administered into the fatty tissue, local fat deposits can be reduced. The lipolytic effect also plays an important role in the treatment of cellulite.

Carboxy therapy in medicine


Tension headaches and migraines can be quickly relieved.

Sports Medicine

Myalgias/myogeloses, tendopathies, arthritic changes and many other orthopedic indications can contribute to faster pain relief with CO2 insufflation. The increased microcirculation has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Carboxy therapy can positively influence skin diseases such as acne.


Circulatory disorders, ulcer cruris and many other treatment options respond very well to the injection of carbon dioxide


Many other possible applications are tinnitus, dizziness etc.

Course schedule

We work with the DolorMed, a high-quality device manufactured in Germany. The practical case device has been successfully on the market for many years. The cost of materials is extremely low. Only meson needles are required for the treatment. Gas bottle is sufficient for 6,000 injections.

Bonus material

Our hands-on online course is designed to get you started with treatment right away. If you have any questions, the trainer is always available at any time - by phone or by mail.

In addition there is:

" illustrated course script with material overview

" personalized certificate

" contact to the course instructor

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