Classical mesotherapy in medicine & aesthetics

Mesotherapy is one of the most effective and safe methods of healing and treatment of modern aesthetics.

Most skin problems can not be solved with cosmetic products to be applied externally, because the cause of their appearance is not on the surface of the epidermis, but deep inside. In modern cosmetology, mesotherapy is the procedure that is inexpensive, but quickly and effectively restores a healthy appearance and aesthetic attractiveness to the face. Thanks to it, the necessary skin active substances are delivered directly into the tissues by injection, quickly reaching the cells and starting to act immediately. This approach guarantees a much longer lasting and better effect than any external cosmetic product.

Fields of application of mesotherapy

" Elimination of dryness and flabbiness of the skin;

" Acne healing;

" Combating cellulite and stretch marks;

" Restoration of hair growth;

" Rejuvenate the face;

" Elimination of dark circles under the eyes;

" For age spots and freckles.

It is also a non-surgical lifting that does not traumatize the skin, but only strengthens it

Mesotherapy is often used as a preparatory procedure before facial plastic surgery and as a restorative measure in the rehabilitation phase afterwards. In some cases, this method is used in combination with other treatments

Thus, mesotherapy has a wide range of treatment possibilities.

Postural apparatus, arthritis, joints, acne, skin diseases, migraine, neuralgia, burns, disturbance in blood circulation, wound healing, hair treatment, immune deficiency, microvaccination

You will get an overview of the new and popular devices on the market - their advantages and disadvantages, experience reports, and once again you will be able to try your hand at aesthetic microneedling, manually and mechanically.

Course curriculum

1. Introduction

PRP-Online Course Presentation

2. Theory - Classical Mesotherapy

PRP-Online Course Welcome to the course

PRP-Online Course What is mesotherapy?

PRP-Online Course Difference mesotherapy/PRP therapy

PRP-Online Course Indications

PRP-Online Course aesthetic use

PRP-Online Course Indications

PRP-Online Course Mode of action of mesotherapy

PRP-Online Course Target organ: skin

PRP-Online Course lymphatic microcirculation

PRP-Online Course medical use

PRP-Online Course humoral effect

PRP-Online Course Material overview (part 1)

PRP-Online Course Material overview (part 2)

PRP-Online Course Selection of active substances

PRP-Online Course Injection techniques (part 1)

PRP-Online Course Injection techniques (part 2)

PRP-Online Course Complications/side effects

PRP-Online Course Active ingredient requirements

PRP-Online Course Contraindications

PRP-Online Course Excursus (Part 1): Skin Anatomy

PRP-Online Course before treatment

PRP-Online Course Excursus (Part 2): Overview skin

PRP-Online Course Compatibility test

PRP-Online Course Mixtures of active ingredients

PRP-Online Course Note: Off-label use

3. Practice - Classical mesotherapy

PRP-Online Course Treatment: Orthopedics

PRP-Online Course Treatment: Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

PRP-Online Course Treatment: Migraine

PRP-Online Course Treatment: "Non-smoking" injection

PRP-Online Course Treatment: "Non-smoking injection

PRP-Online Course Treatment: "anti-mosquito injection

PRP-Online Course Treatment: medical aesthetics

PRP-Online Course Nutritional supplements

PRP-Online Course Technique: microneedling

PRP-Online Course Treatment completion: facial treatment

PRP-Online Course Technique 2: Meso-Roller

Bonus material

This hands-on online course is designed to get you started with treatment right away. If you have any questions, the trainer is always available at any time - by phone or by mail.

In addition there is:

" illustrated course script with material overview

" personalized certificate

" contact to the course instructor

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