Advanced training - Microneedling PROFESSIONAL

The course "Microneedling Professional" for cosmetic studios, alternative practitioners and dermatologists imparts well-founded theoretical knowledge on the treatment of microneedling and the correct handling of care devices and products.

Aesthetic mesotherapy with the 8step system

We offer a complete treatment concept that can be individually tailored to the client.









The correct handling of the needling pen is practiced. Each participant carries out the preparatory and follow-up work under supervision. All products and devices are available for practice in the course.

The aim of this training is immediate implementation: the products and devices can be selected so that no large investments are required.

In the course we discuss questions about treatment costs, but also legal basics and possible advertising measures. We provide disclaimer and patient agreement for reprint.

Course schedule

MIkroneedling training HANDS-ON

This consists of both a theoretical part and a practical part, i.e. all participants treat each other under professional guidance, this is in our opinion an elementary element to be able to understand the treatment correctly.

If you do not wish it, please inform us in advance by e-mail or on the day of the training.

The scope of microneedling is broad and covers many areas

- mature skin & anti-aging

- Wrinkle treatment

- Problem skin

- Acne scars

- Stretch marks

- Cellulite

- etc.

Basics: Microneedling

PART 1 - Presentation

' Function and effect

' Types of microneedling

' Treatment options

' Contraindication

' Workplace safety and hygiene

Theory: 8-step-system

PART 2 - Script & Questions

' Structure of a system treatment

' Instrumentation

Combination treatments

' Care and product knowledge

' Handling of the products

Practice: 8-step-system


' Implementation of the treatment

' Behaviour after the treatment

' Questions/final discussion

Course price: 249,00 net

Background knowledge about microneedling

Is microneedling an alternative to mesotherapy?

Microneedling is fractional mesotherapy, which is an apparative cosmetic method and is fundamentally different from classic mesotherapy. The procedure consists of a superficial treatment of the skin with a bundle of microneedles, while classic mesotherapy is performed with fine needles in a fairly deep subcutaneous layer of 2 mm to 4 mm.

Advantages of Microneedling

The advantages of the Microneedling procedure include

-A short recovery period;

-A short recovery period;

-No anesthesia, even with a low pain threshold;

-Longer lasting effects after the procedure.

Just a few sessions of microneedling can significantly improve the appearance of the face and body in a short period of time. In this case, there is a renewal of the skin, because the penetration depth is 0.5 - 1 mm. for the face and 2.5 mm. for the problem areas of the body, such as stretch marks, cellulite, stretch marks.

Microneedling indications

The main indications for this procedure are

-Dry and sagging skin

-Sallow, uneven skin tone;

The presence of deep and fine lines and wrinkles (micro/macro relief);

-Pigmentation spots;

-Acne and post-acne (post-acne scars and blemishes);

-Presence of large pores and excessive oiliness on the face;

-Areas of hair loss on the head;

-The presence of "orange peel" skin;

-Stretch marks, stretch marks.

The result is an acceleration of cell regeneration, stimulation of collagen formation in the skin and elastin production. A noticeable effect is achieved after 2-3 treatments. Complete cell regeneration occurs after 5-6 sessions at intervals of 10-15 days, resulting in a visible lifting and rejuvenating effect, as well as the correction of other cosmetic defects.

Micro-needling is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, and the traumatic nature of the procedure is so low that it can be performed on a wide range of skin features - even thin and sensitive skin. The painfulness of manipulations with needles up to 1 mm in length is not so high, according to reviews, and drops of blood emerging on the skin surface are a sign of successful perforation; the punctures themselves disappear without a trace in a few hours or a day. It's no wonder that interest in microneedling just now took off: the minimally invasive treatment causes much less damage to the skin compared to many other procedures, and the visit to the esthetician's office takes less than an hour. All in all, it is easy to decide and appreciate the after-effects.

Can I perform microneedling at home?

Although the mesoroller can be purchased for home use, it is better not to take risks: The procedure requires good cleaning, sterility and careful movements. Due to the low traumatic effects, there are practically no contraindications, but it is important to note that microneedling is not recommended in the event of acne exacerbation or the appearance of infections on the skin, as there is a risk of major infections; in this case, it is better to wait until the inflammation has subsided. Heavy exfoliation and thorough cleansing should be avoided before the procedure, and sun exposure should be kept to a minimum after the procedure, as should swimming pools and saunas. However, the rehabilitation period after microneedling is over the very next day. Today, microneedling is successfully combined not only with cosmetics, but also with light therapy, which also shows good results in the treatment of acne.

LED Mesoroller Derma Roller - the latest generation 4 color lights LED Mesoroller Derma Roller - the latest generation 4 color lights 2
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LED Mesoroller Derma Roller - the latest generation 4 color lights - 4 colors LED light - depending on the indication the appropriate color can be set - With exchangeable spare heads - 540 needles - Insertion depth 0.5 mm - With battery operation (battery not included/6V battery-no rechargeable battery), USB connection and cable connection  
EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild 2
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EPN - Needling Pen with electroporation Medical device class 2 - allowed for deep (dermal) needling. incl. 5 spare heads Electroporation makes the cell membranes permeable, thus the active substances can be better introduced into the tissue. Two therapies (needling and electroporation) in one device. The functions can also be used separately....
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