Photodynamic therapy in aesthetics

PDT is an effective treatment that can help smooth the skin and treat wrinkles in skin structures that have been damaged by the sun or age

In addition, it is inexpensive and easy to use

Pain-free treatment with no downtime

Aminolevulinic acid or "ALA" is an endogenous substance found in the human body as an intermediate in heme synthesis.

Used together with red light, it selectively breaks down damaged cells as they have a higher metabolism compared to healthy cells. Healthy cells remain unaffected - making this therapy very gentle and safe.

Small handheld devices as well as electric arcs are available for this therapy.

Up to two treatments per year are recommended.

Treatment costs per session up to € 600,00

Course trio

A complete course that includes all the possibilities of bioregeneration

This course takes place together with the Unicorn course and the Plasma Gel course.

PDT treatment
PDT treatment
Unicorn Lift Unicorn Method
Unicorn Lift
Plasma gel treatment
Plasma Gel
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