Training course for hair transplantation with FUE technology

Hair transplant training, education and training for medical professionals!

Training hair transplant

Success through hands-on learning of FUE hair transplants!

The hair transplant training centers in Munich and Cologne combine all their knowledge and expertise to provide future hair surgeons with the best foundation and knowledge to achieve the best hair transplant results and gain as many satisfied patients as possible.

Together they created a new foundation for education and training programs and courses to pass on knowledge, experience and professionalism to hair restoration doctors.

Overview of the most important information

FUE hair transplantation training courses

Duration: 3 daysLocation
: Munich, CologneCost:


Cologne: 11.04.2022 - 13.04.2022

Italy - Forli Cesena:

04.02.2022 - 06.02.2022

Who can participate?

  • Doctors
  • Non-medical practitioners
  • Nurse/GUK
  • Physician Assistant
  • Med. Employee

** Nurse practitioners and medical assistants may act as hair transplant technicians and provide assistance to physicians, but must follow instructions and may not perform hair transplants themselves.

Learn FUE hair transplant now!

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The training to become a FUE hair transplant surgeon

The team of trainers offers you intensive and extensive practical training. Together with carry out the experts the entire process from the first conversation with the patient to the transplant step by step

The team of experts consists of 6 people who work in different fields. The aim is to implement this successful treatment method in your own practice. The training includes practical work with materials, instruments and topics, consultation/medical history, material science, medicine, etc

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive textbook covering the entire FUE technique, which shows hair transplantation in pictures. The experts will advise you even after the end of the course. The FUE method is a minimally invasive method that is performed under medical supervision, but can be performed by medical professionals. That is why doctors can have their medical staff trained by the specialists.

Beautiful hair is a way of life that can be quickly achieved through modern hair transplant techniques. A profitable market with great potential and constantly growing demand. Does not require large investments in materials and equipment.

Course programme

  • Day 1

- the trainer expert team

- Hair loss and the causes

- the FUE technique

- Results after 1/10/20 days

- The consultation with the experts

- Devices/materials knowledge

- practical exercises with the devices/materials

- Evaluation of donor/implantation area

- Calculation of treatment/own costs

  • Day 2

Hair transplantation test person 1

  • Day 3

Hair transplantation test person 2

Certificate handover

Training goals of the FUE hair transplantation course

Entering the profession as a hair surgeon can currently benefit from the increasing demand for plastic surgery, as hair transplantation is a significant part of the beauty industry. Hair restoration has always been of considerable relevance to men as they are sensitive to hair loss for aesthetic reasons.

In recent years, a steadily increasing number of women are also showing maximum interest in hair transplantation, as natural beauty and aesthetic appeal are essentially linked to high self-esteem.

In recent years, media coverage has effectively spread the results of plastic surgery to an increasing number of famous celebrities, Hollywood figures and athletes.

Politicians and other celebrities who are in the limelight have also opted for hair transplant surgery as it is a relevant feature of power.

The quality of existing clinics and hair surgeons varies from very good to very poor.

Since the sophisticated technical equipment (surgical and medical), experience and personal skills of each hair surgeon determine the success of hair transplant, only select clinics are known for consistent quality in hair transplantation.

Outdated hair transplant methods and techniques are still offered in many countries.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) characterizes a minimally invasive method of hair transplantation, which represents the last state of the art of modern hair restoration and significantly helps to avoid emotional stress and great embarrassment of patients, because visible scars on the horseshoe-shaped edge of the head no longer lead to an unnatural appearance.

In addition, unprofessional treatments by inexperienced physicians often result in low yields of hair growth on the patient.

Lack of personal skill and experience, as well as an unprecedented lack of artistry for naturally designed hairlines, regularly show detectable results in patients even with modern methods of hair transplantation.

The number of hair surgeons who excel in professionalism, excellence and lasting success is limited worldwide.

FUE hair transplantation

Training contents of the FUE hair transplantation course

In hair transplant training courses, participants learn to perform the most modern method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with various surgical instruments.

A comprehensive training program for physicians and medical assistants who would like to be trained in various extraction techniques and restoration methods.

Everyone is invited to explore an emerging area of practice and learn how to effectively use modern medical instruments and surgical tools during a hair transplant procedure.

Understanding how to effectively use contemporary equipment is the fundamental basis for ultimate success and excellent results.

Practice on the patient during FUE hair transplantation advanced training

The Hair Transplant Training Center offers medical professionals the opportunity to participate in all hands-on patient treatments.

Each participant of the FUE training is required to make full use of all medical aids and instruments provided by the clinic.

The accessibility of the patients is ensured during each training by the training centers in Munich and Cologne.

All patients decide voluntarily to undergo hair transplantation. The patients are informed about the circumstances beforehand.

Course overview

Before the hair transplant:

-Patient Assessment

-Surgical planning and medical methods

-Modern hair transplant principles

-Surgical overview and preoperative diagnosis

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The principle of modern hair transplantation with the FUE

Harvesting procedure: manual incorporation of donor hair and body hair (e.g. beard and chest)

FUE, including manual and automatic extraction of follicular units (e.g. side sutures, microblades, needles).

Aesthetic design: natural hairline, grafting position, grafting angle, slope and density of hair at the temples.

After the procedure

- Medical assistance

- Wound care

- Customer care

Hair transplantation is a team effort. The trainers will familiarize you with hair transplantation from start to finish through theoretical and practical application training of participants from different regions

This training is aimed at medical professionals who want to learn more about hair transplantation

As part of the training, we will help participants improve their manual skills by using live applications for practice

The FUE hair transplant training courses are conducted according to international standards. The total duration of the training is 3 days, starting at 10:30 in the morning and ending at 5:00 in the afternoon.

Upon completion of the training, a certificate with international validity will be issued

After the seminar, you can take a one-day course to learn the PRP / Unicorn method. These autologous blood therapies are usually performed before / during and after hair transplantation, as they are very effective in promoting wound healing and regeneration. The training takes place the day after the hair transplant seminar.

Training courses and schedules are organized in groups and individually. Due to the different schedules for qualified training, only a limited number of participants are admitted for retraining and specialization.

FUE hair transplantation - the most modern hair transplantation technology

Since the old hair transplant method usually involves great embarrassment and emotional stress for the patient and leaves obvious linear scars on the back of the head, research has led to a new, minimally invasive hair transplant method

In groups 1 to 4/5, separation and restoration of follicular units has become a unique technique for redistribution of donor hair in the donor area. When the hair surgeon uses his technical tools and medical equipment, the patient can sit easily and painlessly. They are used to harvest and safely place the graft/follicular unit

Since there is no linear scar on the patient's head, this method effectively reduces the final recovery time. What is required is a thorough understanding of this method and the precision and accuracy required

Hair Transplant Training Center introduces its FUE training program as the latest modern hair transplant method, which includes a range of instruments and medical equipment for each process of the procedure

Extraction, manual and automatic FUE extractors can be used on patients and are provided to the doctors and experts.


FUE hair transplant training
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