MediGraft™ - an innovative, therapeutic solution in regenerative medicine!

MediGraft and its fantastic effects

A skin sample is simply taken from the patient and processed into microclusters. This creates a suspension with up to 80,000 cell units that are only 70 microns in size. The skin sample seems to show the greatest potential of MSC (mesenchyal stromal cells). Together with fibroblasts, pericytes, adipocytes, HSCs, progenitors and other cells, regenerative processes can be positively influenced.

MediGraft - Micro Tissue Cluster

The autologous micro skin grafts obtained via MediGraft contain part of the "stromal vascular fraction", a heterogeneous accumulation of cells, progenitor cells and various growth factors.

The level of cell abundance and average cell viability of over 90% in the MediGraftTM suspension also differs significantly from plasma/PRP.

Many studies show the therapeutic benefit in hair loss, in orthopedics and dermatology. As an anti-aging facial treatment, it costs around €1500. Usually only one treatment is necessary.

Fabrication is easy and takes minutes in a dedicated MediGraftTM kit. All steps are explained in detail. In the practical part, each participant has the opportunity to undergo a professional application (face or hair). The costs for materials/equipment are usually amortized in one treatment.

Course fee: € 590.00


MediGraft in hair treatment

alopecia/hair loss

» reduced hair loss

» increased hair density

MediGraft in esthetics


» aesthetic facial treatment

» positive effect on wrinkles/volume

» firm and healthy looking skin

» optical improvement of the complexion

MediGraft in orthopedics


» cartilage regeneration

»  tendinopathies

MediGraft vs PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

MediGraft in hair treatment


The MediGraft treatment differs significantly from the PRP method. The basis is the skin sample, which consists of a composition of different cells.

Example hair treatment:

Number of treatments: 1

MediGraft in hair treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

In the PRP method, the platelets are used with plasma from venous blood.

Example hair treatment:

Number of treatments: 4-6

The preparation of a MediGraft suspension

The entire treatment process from removal to suspension takes about 30 minutes. After that, the injections are given.

The process is standardized, safe and easy to use thanks to the prefabricated kits.

A treatment costs an average of €1400.00 for the customer/patient.

What investment costs do you have to incur?

A MediGraft Kit and the associated device for preparation are required for each treatment. The costs should be amortized after the first treatment. The kits are certified for single use.

target group

Doctors and naturopaths.

This therapy is not subject to the Transfusion Act.

course fee

€ 590.00 plus 19% German VAT.

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