Microblading - Permanent make up Haarpigmentation


Chapter 1: Who we are & course Introduction 

Chapter 2: Why add microblading to your practice 

Chapter 3: Introduction to microblading 

Chapter 4: Pre & Post Care 

Chapter 5: Know your microblades 

Chapter 6: Pigments, Skin tones & Under tones 

Chapter 7: Understanding brows 

Chapter 8: Understanding spines 

Chapter 9: Other important things you should know 

Chapter 10: Eyebrow strokes on paper 

Chapter 11: Eyebrow Strokes on practice skin 

Chapter 12: Demo on model patient


All courses in English. The seminars are very comprehensive and show the entire process step by step clearly with many practical exercises.


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Chapter 1: Who we are & course Introduction

Chapter 2: Why is eyebrow marking & shaping a critical step in microblading or ombre?

Chapter 3: Introduction to eyebrow marking & shaping

Chapter 4: Understanding brows

Chapter 5: The best eyebrow shape for each face

Chapter 6: Understanding spines

Chapter 7: Eyebrow marking

Chapter 8: Demo on model patient

Microblading eyebrows

General information about microblading

What is microblading and do you need it?

Here's everything you need to know about long-lasting no-fake brows makeup.

The new eyebrow technique, also known as the microblading craze, is actually an old and long-forgotten thing. In Cleopatra's day, girls manually injected pigments under the skin above the eyes to make the eyebrows look natural and beautiful. Later a special device appeared and a new tattoo technique replaced the old procedure. However, it took the beauty industry a while to realize that machine-tattooed brows would never achieve the natural-looking effect they wanted. Since then, the triumphant return of the improved manual technique called "microblading" began.

What is microblading?

Microblading (small "micro", "blade") a manual tattoo that creates a simulation of hair on the skin. The teacher does it manually, not by machine. The procedure is carried out with nano needles: the master pushes the pigment in the eyebrow area 0.2 mm deep under the skin. The resulting effect lasts for one to one and a half years. Microblading gives the eyebrows a natural shape and makes practically all hairs visible. And it's a great way to get rid of the troubles of everyday eyebrow make-up with the usual tools, eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

There is still a slight swelling of the skin after the procedure, but this disappears in the first two hours. After microblading, the eyebrows keep their natural appearance and their rich color for a long time, so that the result remains with you for a long time. After visiting the salon, it is important to take proper care of your eyebrows.

Care after microblading

Wash your eyebrows well for the first two days after the procedure. After healing, the skin secretes some blood that hardens and forms a scab. If the scab begins to fall off, the pigment will dissolve with it. After rinsing off, apply petroleum jelly to your brows to soften the skin.

How often should the procedure be repeated?

This is a matter of taste, usually the procedure is done every one to two years, it is not recommended to do it more often, otherwise a scar may be left, if you find that the color has faded, you can refresh it once every six months Eyebrows slightly.

Microblading techniques

The two pillars of microblading are the 6D and PhiBrow technology. The former adapts to the Asian structure of the eye and eyebrows, causing the hair to grow downwards. The PhiBrow technique has a hair growth pattern that is adapted to the European appearance. Consequently, the choice of technique depends entirely on the natural hair growth and type of appearance.

Is it necessary to paint eyebrows after microblading?

The microblading technique is superficial, as soon as the applied pigment gets under the skin, it overlaps with the epidermal layer and gets the natural effect of light shading, but in this case you can do it with a light mousse and a brush to get the same beautiful to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

What are the advantages of microblading?

The microblading process might remind you of tattooing, but there are significant differences between them. Microblading is purely manual work by the master, done with a small blade, and the tattoo is done with a special machine. Yes, the effect of the tattoo lasts more than 2 to 5 years, but unlike the tattoo, in which the pigment penetrates deep into the skin and the girl risks leaving dark blue eyebrows forever, the microblading is done on the surface. The dye entry is only 0.2 mm. Even if the pigment is very cold, it will leak out of the skin over time as the epidermis is constantly being renewed.

Are there any disadvantages to microblading?

If you like the "pencil" effect on your eyebrows, this procedure probably isn't for you. After microblading, the pigment penetrates under the skin and overlays, creating a frosted glass or film effect. Time, easily change the hue. So try to use SPF creams and cosmetics to keep the pigment in place and be in time for the microblading update.

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