Permanent Make-Up

Chapter 1: Who we are & course Introduction

Chapter 2: Why add ombre eyebrows to your practice

Chapter 3: Introduction to ombre eyebrows

Chapter 4: Pre & Post Care

Chapter 5: Know your catridges & device

Chapter 6: Pigments, Skin tones & Under tones

Chapter 7: Understanding brows

Chapter 8: Understanding spines

Chapter 9: Other important things you should know

Chapter 10: Ombre Eyebrow on practice paper

Chapter 11: Ombre Eyebrows on pratice skin

Chapter 12: Demo on model patient

All courses in English. The seminars are very comprehensive and show the entire process step by step clearly with many practical exercises.

Chapter 1: Who we are & course Introduction

Chapter 2: Why is eyebrow marking & shaping a critical step in microblading or ombre?

Chapter 3: Introduction to eyebrow marking & shaping

Chapter 4: Understanding brows

Chapter 5: The best eyebrow shape for each face

Chapter 6: Understanding spines

Chapter 7: Eyebrow marking

Chapter 8: Demo on model patient

General information about Ombré Eyebrows

How to make eyebrow makeup in the ombré technique?

We will tell you how to create natural gradient eyebrow makeup and what tools to use. Now fashionable the most natural eyebrows. Maybe not an ideal shape, maybe not the most symmetrical, but one that looks as natural as possible. In fact, today in the decorative cosmetics market you can find a lot of products that allow you to achieve this effect on parted hair, as well as masks and gels that allow you to texturize and fix hair using the right technique AND for natural coloring, both permanent and makeup , the best technique is ombré, and in this material we want to talk about it in a little more detail.


Eyebrow coloring in the ombré technique is an option for those who love natural makeup and do not want to radically change the natural shape of their eyebrows, color to the curve, and then a little lighter again at the top. The main secret lies in getting the shade right. If everything is done correctly, the eyebrows will look natural, but the curve will be more expressive and the shape will be neat. Because of the maximum natural effect, this technique has become so fashionable.

Ways to create a gradient effect on the eyebrows

To start with this, we understand how to make a gradient in the eyebrows.

1. Using makeup

Make-up is the easiest and cheapest way to create a browline. You can choose a product that makes you feel comfortable at work at home: lipstick, pencil or, for example, eye shadow. And with your help, you can organize the accents as you like. But it is necessary to repeat the process every day.

2. Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up using the ombré technique is very popular. The effect is sure to last for several years, so you don't have to waste time on makeup. But this option has its own drawbacks. It is very difficult to find a teacher who can do this. A gradient in the eyebrows for a natural look. If the result is not what you want, it will be very difficult to correct something, and allergic reactions to the pigments used during the procedure are not uncommon.

3. Dyeing

Coloring the eyebrows with tint or henna is absolutely painless. A special composition is applied to the eyebrows, paying special attention to the tips. You will have to wait a few minutes for the pigment to harden. Then the teacher will eliminate. with a cotton pad. From the side it looks like this is the natural color of your eyebrows, but they look lighter and more expressive. The master selects the shade based on the specifics of your appearance and preferences. No special care is required after the procedure.


The easiest way to choose a shade for eyebrow products is to be guided by the color of your hair. Brunettes should choose a color that is a few shades lighter than the shade of their hair, while blondes should choose a few shades darker. Please note your color type. If the skin is warm, the browstick or eyeshadow should also have a warm tone. Eyebrow pencil should not be too dark for light skin. Exceptions are girls with an intense black shade of hair. and porcelain skin. If you want to experiment, watch out for colored pencils, tints, and brow gels.

What brushes do I need to make an ombré eyebrow makeup?

ombre eyebrow

You will need at least one synthetic, thin and beveled brush, these brushes are very versatile: in the future they can be used not only for eyebrow makeup, but also, for example, to draw arrows. and stylize your eyebrows. You can easily find these accessories on online store of high quality and at the most affordable prices.

Who is suitable and who is contraindicated?

Ombre makeup looks beautiful only with well-groomed eyebrows, so it is important not to forget about their timely correction and proper care with oils. Makeup artists believe that the gradient transition can be created on eyebrows of any shape and size. Although this technique looks best for owners of medium-wide brows. Those who have thin "threads" should refuse such makeup, as it is almost invisible. If the eyebrows are too wide, the ombré will attract even more attention.

Beauty salon treatments

Not all masters can perform eyebrow ombré in a beauty salon. Therefore, when visiting the salon, it should be clarified whether the specialist has previously used the gradient technique to dye the hair.

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