Mesoram Multi-Injectors Linear 3-fold PU 36pcs.

Mesoram Multi-Injectors Linear 3-fold PU 36pcs.

Multi injectors are ideal for mesotherapy, hair treatment, carboxy or lipolysis.


The MESORAM® multi-injectors distribute the injection fluid evenly over 3 execution passages with 30G 4mm Mesoram needles for a perfect injecting result.


High patient compliance due to significantly reduced pain sensation and time saving (factor3).

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Mesoram Multi-Injectors Linear 3-fold

MESORAM Multi-Injector is supplied with needles already inserted to ensure fast, effective and safe use: the mounted needles prevent accidental punctures by the operator during preparation procedures.

Precise sharpening of the needles minimizes the pain associated with the treatment.

It is equipped with a special rigid protective cap that ensures the sterility of the device until use and allows safe disposal at the end of the procedure.

It is available with linear or circular configuration, with 3, 5 or 7 needles depending on the different types of treatment.

A standard female Luer connector allows easy connection to the syringe with the injectable drug.

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