The leading quality dermaroller with 1,5 mm needle length from DERMIDA® - The original with real needles.
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm
The leading quality dermaroller with 1,5 mm needle length from DERMIDA® - The original with real needles.
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm
Dermaroller DERMIDA® 1,5 mm

Derma roller D/A 1.5 mm

The leading quality dermaroller with 1,5 mm needle length from DERMIDA® - The original with real needles.


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Quality dermaroller with a needle length of 1.5 mm from DERMIDA®

The Dermaroller with 1.5 mm needle length is ideal for the treatment of severe wrinkles, body folds, deep scars and acne scars, age spots, pregnancy and stretch marks, local fat deposits (lipolysis) and for cellulite and tissue weakness.

Test winner: The Original Dermaroller DERMIDA® was awarded as test winner in quality, workmanship and price-performance ratio by the largest German-speaking microneedling specialist portal.

Dermaroller with real needles - Real safety - Real added value!

The DERMIDA® Dermaroller is a very high quality dermaroller, which is manufactured in an elaborate process with real stainless steel surgical needles. They are very robust and effectively prevent painful skin wear during microneedling. The 192 fine needles easily penetrate the skin without exerting strong pressure. The previously applied serum can be particularly gently applied to the skin.

Dermida Dermaroller

With an optimal width of 20mm, even larger, but also hard-to-reach skin areas can be treated efficiently. Both the roller and the ergonomic handpiece are made of high-performance, impact-resistant plastic

CE-certified, the DERMIDA ® Dermaroller naturally meets all European health and safety requirements.

Fields of application of the 1.5 mm Dermaroller

Due to the puncture depth of 1.5 mm, the Dermaroller can be used once every four weeks and offers an excellent ratio of high efficacy and painless treatment also for the following areas of application:

- Cell and skin renewal

- Improved penetration of active ingredients

- Severe wrinkles

- Skin discolorations and age spots

- Body wrinkles

- Deep scars and acne scars

- Age spots and skin blotches

- Cellulite and tissue weakness

- Pregnancy and stretch marks

- Localized fat deposits (lipolysis)


Design and quality that convince professional and private.

This dermaroller combines features appreciated by the most demanding users and professionals in aesthetic medicine. It is not surprising that DERMIDA® is the leader with dermarollers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pure engineering combines efficiency with modern design. Trust in products of the German pioneer and market leader in microneedle therapy for your dermaroller purchase.

Safety Notice:

Microneedle treatment should not be used on active infections such as acne, rosacea, couperose, herpes, wounds, rashes or eczema, as well as poor wound healing, skin diseases, keloid scars, nerve damage in the skin area or blood clotting disorders and warts. Do not use Dermaroller if you are taking anticoagulant medication. For hygienic reasons, the device may only be used by one person. Always use the Dermaroller at your own risk.


Preparation and disinfection

1. Preparation and disinfection

As reddening of the skin can occur immediately after the treatment, we recommend that you carry out the microneedling treatment at night. First take the dermaroller out of the packaging and check whether it is undamaged (e.g. bent needles)

Then disinfect the roller. Mix 4 ml Instrusol® with 100 ml water in a glass and place the dermaroller in it for 15 minutes, the needle roller must be completely covered with the working solution, then rinse the dermaroller with warm water and leave to air dry.

Dermaroller Cleaning

2. Cleaning

While the dermaroller is disinfecting in the jar, remove make-up and cleanse the areas of the body to be treated with plenty of water and the mild Treatment Cleanser. Take a small amount of Cleanser and mix it with some warm water. Now you will get a soft intensive care foam. Massage this foam gently and then wash it off thoroughly.

Enzyme peeling

3. Enzyme peeling

The next step is to rid your skin of the dead skin flakes. To do this, apply the Enzymatic Treatment Peeling undiluted to the skin with a mask brush. Avoid the mouth and eye area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then remove the residue with plenty of water and a sponge. Gently dry skin areas and spray undiluted with Alcoderm® skin disinfectant (contact time 30 seconds).

Note: From a needle length of 0.75 mm, it may be advisable to apply an anaesthetic cream (e.g. Emla cream). Observe the manufacturer's exposure times.

Sterile serum for dermaroller

4. Sterile serum

Generally you have two possibilities to combine Microneedling with an active substance therapy (serum). Either you apply sterile serum directly with the dermaroller or you use an after-care serum after the treatment. Due to the pharmaceutical purity and the higher effectiveness we recommend a sterile active substance ampoule. For a treatment on the face you only need 2-3 ml, on the body more depending on the size of the treatment area.

Sterile serum for dermaroller

5. Needling

Roll with the right technique. When rolling, it helps to divide the body into different areas. Now roll eight times from top to bottom and eight times from left to right, then eight times diagonally from top left to bottom right and eight times from top left to bottom left

Between each roll, remove the dermaroller completely from the skin and reinsert it. Repeat this process until all areas of skin have been treated. The serum now acts like a lubricant, making the treatment gentler and less painful. Apply a light and gentle pressure when rolling.

Dermaroller Hydration

6. Hydration

After the treatment, the skin channels are open for about 15 minutes and are particularly receptive to highly effective masks. Take the DERMIDA® Moisturizing Mask out of the container. Remove the two protective foils, if present, and place the mask on the treated body. Now relax for 10 minutes. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then remove the mask and gently massage in excess serum.

Dermaroller Hydration

7. Repair

Microneedles stress the skin. Sensitive and delicate skin types now use DERMIDA® Post Treatment Repair Balm. This is an intensively moisturizing and anti-irritant care balm for immediate use after the puncture. The Repair Balm is hygienically packaged in individual sachets. Apply the balm in circular motions and spread it on the skin so that it can be completely absorbed.

Dermaroller Protect

8. Protect

Microneedling is perfect at any time of the year. If the treated body part is exposed to sunlight, a special UV protection with a high sun protection factor is necessary. For this purpose, use the thin and very quickly absorbed sun protection cream. DERMIDA® UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ and spread it on the treated area.

Dermaroller Hydration

9. Daily care

Rinse the dermaroller thoroughly with clear water after treatment. Disinfect again as for preparation. Then store the dermaroller in the container provided. Avoid touching your skin with your hand for the next two hours. Avoid excessive sweating, steam baths and direct sunlight on the day of treatment. Do not wear make-up. Sleep is the best relaxation for your skin now. If necessary, change your pillowcase beforehand. In the days between treatments, you can further improve the treatment results with the special DERMIDA® day care creams.


Microneedling with PRP is a cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen production by rolling fine needles into the skin and applying platelets, a component of blood. 

The addition of PRP from the blood can increase the effectiveness of microneedling. The fluid in the blood is plasma, while platelets are solid. Platelets contribute to blood clotting, which is why they are critical to wound and injury healing. 

PRP is a plasma in which the concentration of platelets is higher than that of the other blood components. 

A doctor takes a blood sample and then separates PRP from the rest of the blood using a PRP centrifuge. PRP contains proteins, including growth factors and cytokines. These proteins help skin tissue repair itself. 

First, the doctor pricks the skin with a microneedling instrument (Dermapen or Dermaroller). He uses it to drill small holes in the skin's surface and then applies PRP into these small holes to stimulate collagen production and cell reproduction.

Dermaroller FAQ

What is the 1.5 mm Dermaroller suitable for?

The Dermaroller with 1.5 mm needle length is the model with the longest needles in our range and is used for deep skin problems, for example severely wrinkled skin, stretch marks, stretch marks, cellulite and deep scars / surgical scars.

What is the principle of action behind this?

The cosmetic procedure behind this process is called microneedling. It is a minimally invasive, non-ablative and non-surgical procedure that improves the skin's appearance in the long term by stimulating the body's own factors and biological processes. The skin responds to artificial lesions by producing the body's own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, as well as long-term skin cell renewal. These processes lead to the renewal of damaged skin tissue and numerous skin problems such as wrinkles, scars or pigment changes can be reversed. If the treatment is combined with a high-quality dermaroller, the natural regenerative capacity of the skin is stimulated with the powerful effect of cosmetic-medical active ingredients.

What is special about the Original DERMIDA® Dermarollers?

The DERMIDA® dermaroller is the market-leading dermaroller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More than 10,000 European cosmetic and dermatology studios trust in this quality. In contrast to other models, the Original DERMIDA® Dermaroller has individual real via needles made of stainless steel, which are driven into the roller in a complex process. Compared to punch dermarollers, this has the advantage that the needles are less painful, remain pointed longer and penetrate the skin more easily. For its high-quality properties, the DERMIDA® dermaroller was awarded the title of test winner by the leading German specialist portal for microneedles.

Which needle length for which treatment?

Dermaroller optimale Nadellänge

How often can I use the Dermaroller with 1.5 mm?

The treatment interval always depends on the length of the needle used and the individual skin condition. The 1.5 mm Dermaroller penetrates relatively deep into the skin. Therefore it needs more time for regeneration. We recommend treatment with the 1.5 mm Dermaroller once a month.

Which serum should you use for treatment?

Sterile serums:

Skin texture improvement:EGF Cell Booster

Revitalization & Skin Rejuvenation:Hyaluron Booster, EGF Cell Booster

Wrinkles & Anti-Aging:Hyaluron Booster

Photoaging & UV protection:Retinol + Vitamin C Booster

Eye wrinkles, bags and dark circles:Eye Contour Serum

Scars: Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Acne scars:Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Acne & Oily Skin:Oily Skin Serum

Large Pores:Hyaluron Booster

Pigmentation DisordersSkin Tone Imperfection Control

Skin spots:Skin Tone Imperfection Control

Lip Treatment:Lip Booster

Hair Loss:Hair Growth Booster

Stretch Marks:Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Cellulite:Cellulite Reversal

Décolleté:Hyaluron Booster

Lipolysis & Fat Pads:Lipolysis Booster

Correct disinfection of Dermaroller

The dermaroller must always be disinfected before and after each treatment with a mixture of Instrusol water in the soaking process. Instrusol is a professional instrument disinfectant. Do not use isopropyl alcohol!

Why should the dermaroller be disinfected?

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all when it comes to micro-needles, because the roller fitted with needles penetrates the skin to stimulate the formation of collagen fibres and the body's own hyaluronic acid

If you don't properly disinfect the dermaroller, bacteria could easily spread through the face and cause inflammation or infection through the small open channels in the skin

Disinfection of Dermaroller is also necessary on first use as it is not supplied medically sterile!

When should the Dermaroller be disinfected?

Dermaroller should be disinfected twice each time it is used - once before and once after use.

Is a treatment with the Dermaroller 1.5 mm painful?

The empirical studies have shown that most users find the treatment of only 0.75 mm needle length increasingly painful

Depending on the sensitivity to pain, it may be useful for some users to apply a numbing cream before the treatment. For example, we recommend EMLA cream, which you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy.

When should you refrain from treatment?

As with any minimally invasive treatment, there are reasons against dermaroller treatment: so-called contraindications

You should not buy or use a dermaroller with the following contraindications

' If the dermaroller has previously been used by another person. or discover defects in the device

' With active infections such as acne, rosacea, couperose, herpes, wounds, rashes or eczema

' In case of poor wound healing, skin diseases, keloid scars or nerve damage in the skin area

' In blood clotting disorders or the use of anticoagulants

' In case of very voluminous warts or scars.

' During pregnancy or breastfeeding

If in doubt, check with your doctor or dermatologist before treatment. Many professional dermatology clients now prioritise dermaroller treatment over ablative procedures (e.g. laser) as they are much gentler.

When should you replace the Dermaroller?

The original DERMIDA® Dermaroller is particularly robust and durable. Due to the complex production with single needles, the dermaroller can be used significantly more often than the dermaroller with perforated discs. Depending on the size of the skin area, you can use the DERMIDA® Dermaroller 15-20 times, which is good for your wallet and good for the environment.

However, you should replace it at the latest when you notice that the dermaroller penetrates the skin more heavily.

How many needles does the Dermaroller have and how many are necessary?

Dermida Dermaroller has exactly 192 fine stainless steel needles. There is a good reason for this. According to empirical studies, this is the optimal number of needles to pierce the skin evenly and painlessly. We do not recommend buying dermarollers with more than 192 needles.

Is it possible to use Dermaroller with more than one person?

No, for hygienic reasons a dermaroller can only be used by one person!

When will you see the first results?

Of course, we want to achieve and see quick results through microneedling with the dermaroller. However, this varies depending on skin type, type of problem and depth of insertion. However, most users see clear signs of improvement after the first or second application.

What should I do after the treatment?

After treatment, rinse the Dermaroller thoroughly with clean water, disinfect it again with Instrusol® and water as in step one, and allow it to air dry. Then store the Dermaroller in the container provided. Avoid touching the skin with your hands for the next two hours. Avoid heavy sweating, steam baths and direct sunlight on the day of treatment. Do not wear make-up. Sleep is the best rest for your skin now. You may need to change your pillowcase beforehand.

Are there replacement heads for the Dermaroller?

No, there are no replacement rollers for the DERMIDA dermaroller. We expressly advise against the use of dermarollers with replaceable rollers. Our experience has shown that these rollers quickly "egg" in the suspension. This makes a good treatment result more difficult and the risk of injury increases.


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