NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL holder
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL holder

NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL (electric & wireless)

New and further developed! The electric and cordless Dermapen and NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL is the latest high-tech version of an automated microneedling system for home and special applications!


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Next generation NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL with adjustable needle length and five speed settings.

New and further developed! The wireless Dermapen and NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL is the latest high-tech version of an automated microneedling system for home and special applications. With its adjustable needle length of 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm, the NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL is ideal for treating wrinkles, scars, acne scars, age spots, stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss and many other problem areas.

With interchangeable surgical stainless steel needle heads, five speed settings and its precise motorization, the original Xtra CONTROL Dermapen glides seamlessly over the skin, leaving microscopic lesions on the skin with up to 15,000 up and down movements. These tiny punctures stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, thereby renewing skin cells

The result is taut skin. Scar funnels fill in and wrinkles, stretch marks and pigment disorders recede. After application, the nourishing serums can be absorbed much better into the skin and their effectiveness is maximized. High quality workmanship and the robust aluminium housing protect the Dermapen from contamination and ensure its longevity.

NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL

Important Only here you can get the original DERMIDA® NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office under the number 302019007268.

Test Winner: NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL was awarded as test winner by the largest German-speaking microneedle portal for quality!

Instructions: Each NeedlingPen comes with a detailed 36-page printed manual that guides you step by step through the treatment.

Germany's leading dermapen: Convincing through safety and quality!

The NeedlingPen Xtra Control focuses on precision, safe handling and maximum control for the user. Its perfect ergonomics combined with sophisticated technical features prevent micro tears and increase treatment comfort. It is comfortable and very easy to use! The desired needle length can be set very easily by an adjustment wheel. By pressing the power button again, the working speed can be adjusted to your own needs.

NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL

NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL: Fields of application and serum

You can use the original NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL for face, neck, décolleté, legs and abdomen. In general, you have two possibilities to combine microneedling with an active substance therapy (serum). Either you work directly with the pen and sterile serum or you use an AfterCareSerum after the treatment. Due to the pharmaceutical purity and higher efficacy we recommend the use of a sterile active agent ampoule. Possible treatment combinations are listed below.

NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL: Fields of application
NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL: Fields of application
NeedlingPen Areas of application
NeedlingPen application

Dermapen NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL - Scope of delivery at a glance

' 1 x Dermapen NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL in sturdy aluminium housing

' 2 x needle heads with 12 needles each made of surgical stainless steel

' 2 x rechargeable batteries for cordless operation

' 1 x adapter (operation with and without cable possible)

' 1 x charger

' 1 x instruction manual in German

' 1 x guide in German with 36 pages

Dermapen NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL - Scope of delivery at a glance

Technical details of the NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL at a glance

' Needle length adjustable from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm

' 5 speed levels (level 1 = 3900 strokes/min to level 5 = 15000 strokes/min)

' Needle heads with 12 needles each made of surgical stainless steel

' Sturdy aluminium housing

' Choice of cordless or corded

' Input: AC 110V-240V, DC 5V, 1000mA

' Weight of the device: 71 g

Note on return and disposal of batteries:

Since the device contains batteries in the scope of delivery, we must inform you of the following: Every consumer is obliged to properly return used batteries. You can return used batteries to our Shipping store return them.

Safety Notice:

Microneedle treatment should not be used on active infections such as acne, rosacea, couperose, herpes, wounds, rashes or eczema, as well as poor wound healing, skin diseases, keloid scars, nerve damage in the skin area or blood clotting disorders and warts. Do not use NeedlingPen / Dermaroller if you are taking anticoagulant medication. For hygienic reasons, the device may only be used by one person. The use of the NeedlingPen / Dermaroller is always at your own risk.


Preparation and disinfection

1. Preparation and disinfection

Ensure that you have the desired needle attachment and all required products ready before treatment. Keep the work area hygienically clean and provide adequate lighting. Before using the pen, thoroughly clean the skin area to be treated. Clean and disinfect with Alcoderm®. The needle head must also be disinfected with Instrusol® to ensure a sterile treatment environment. To do this, mix 1 ml Instrusol with 25 ml water and place the needle head in it for 5 minutes, then allow to dry completely.

Dermaroller Cleaning

2. Cleaning

While disinfecting the needle head in the jar, remove the make-up and clean the areas of the body to be treated with plenty of water and the mild Treatment Cleanser. Take a small amount of Cleanser and mix it with some warm water. A soft and intensive care foam is formed, distribute this foam, massage gently, then rinse well.

Enzyme peeling

3. Enzyme peeling

The next step is to rid your skin of the dead skin flakes. To do this, apply the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment undiluted to the skin with a mask brush. Avoid the mouth and eye area. Leave on for about 5 - 10 minutes. Then remove the residue with plenty of water and a sponge. Gently dry skin areas and spray undiluted with skin disinfectant (exposure time 30 seconds) Note: From a needle length of 0.75 mm, it may be advisable to apply an anaesthetic cream (e.g. EmlaCreme). Observe the manufacturer's exposure times.

Sterile serum for dermaroller

4. Sterile serum

Basically you have two possibilities to combine microneedling with an active agent (serum) therapy. Either work directly with the NeedlingPen on a sterile serum or rely on a post-treatment serum after the treatment. We recommend to use a sterile active agent ampoule due to its pharmaceutical properties, purity and higher efficacy. Draw up the serum with the fine dosing syringe provided. Carefully remove the white cap from the vial. Pierce the grey septum with the extraction syringe and open the syringe. The needle can be easily removed to safely place and distribute the serum on the skin.

Sterile serum for dermaroller

5. Needling

Decide whether you want to perform the treatment via the power cable or wirelessly. Attach the desired needle attachment to the device and make sure that it is firmly seated and not damaged. Activate the NeedlingPen with the ON / OFF button. The desired needle length can only be set when the device is switched on. Now press with two fingers on the skin area you want to treat. Let the needle glide over the skin in the desired pattern. Make sure you needle each area of skin 5 to 8 times. The serum now acts as a lubricating film for a painless treatment.

Dermaroller Hydration

6. Hydration

After the treatment, the channels in your skin are open for about 15 minutes and are particularly receptive to highly effective masks. Take the DERMIDA® Hydrating Mask out of the container. Remove the two protective foils, if present, and place the mask on the treated body. Now relax for 10 minutes. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then remove the mask and gently massage in the excess serum.

Dermaroller Hydration

7. Repair

Microneedling puts a strain on the skin. Sensitive and delicate skin types now use DERMIDA® Post-Treatment Repair Balm. This is an intensively moisturizing and anti-irritating care balm for immediate use after needle application. The repair balm is hygienically packaged in individual sachets. Apply the balm to the skin in circular motions until it is completely absorbed.

Dermaroller Protect

8. Protect

The microneedling is perfect at any time of the year. If the treated part of the body is exposed to sunlight, it is necessary to use a special UV-protection with a high sun protection factor. For this purpose, take the thin, very quickly absorbed sun cream. DERMIDA® UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ and spread it on the treated area.

Dermaroller Hydration

9. Daily care

Avoid touching your skin with your hands for the next two hours. Avoid heavy sweating, steam baths and direct sunlight on the day of treatment. Do not wear make-up. Sleep is the best rest for your skin now. This should be done as needed Change your pillowcase In the following days between treatments, you can further improve your treatment results with DERMIDA® special day care creams.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with NeedlingPen

PRP microneedling uses the same technique as our regular microneedling, but instead of inserting hyaluronic acid into the skin, we use platelets and cytokines from your own blood, such as platelet-derived transforming, insulin-like, and vascular endothelial growth factor.

These growth factors regulate and induce cell migration, nodal proliferation and differentiation, and promote extracellular matrix accumulation. 

You may remember the old pictures with the blood smudged faces. These pictures show an older method of applying whole blood to the skin; more recent advances apply only yellow-colored PRP (platelet rich plasma).

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an advanced form of regenerative medicine that is widely used in cosmetic therapy. PRP uses the body's own cells to repair and restore damaged tissue. Plasma contains molecules and proteins that provide nutrients to skin cells, making it a healthy and natural way to enhance the effects of aging.

MicroNeedling can also be combined with PRP injections in various areas, such as under the eyes to treat dark circles, wrinkles and thicken the skin.

PRP is also very effective when combined with dermal fillers such as Restylane, Sculptra, Juvederm, Voluma (and other fillers) to provide what is called a "liquid facelift."


By combining PRP therapy and micro-needling, you can achieve more visible results in less time - in fact, the results are so amazing that the procedure has become one of the most popular skin treatments on the market.

NeedlingPEN - FAQ

What is a NeedlingPen or Dermapen?

After the dermaroller, an electric Dermapen or NeedlingPEN is the most widely used device for microneedling treatment and can systematically be assigned to the category of microneedle devices

It is an electrically operated, pen-shaped device with a needle head at the top. The needle head is positioned in up and down motions, achieving up to 15,000 strokes per minute on high-powered devices. During these up and down movements, the Dermapen is passed over the skin, leaving small vertical puncture channels on the skin surface called microperforations

This process releases a series of biological processes that help the skin to "repair" and regenerate itself. A wide variety of cosmetic problem areas can be effectively treated through this procedure

The precision and comfort of dermapening have continued to increase, which is why it is now internationally as highly regarded as the dermaroller.

The advantages of NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL

Compared to other cosmetic or medical aesthetic procedures, microneedling with NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL offers several well-documented benefits:

- Skin regeneration, new collagen formation and elastin build-up.

- Long-lasting results and sustained improvement in skin texture.

- Makes skin thicker, more resilient and protects against external aggressors.

- Extremely flexible procedure that can solve a wide range of skin problems.

- No surgical intervention and no injections necessary.

- Unlike ablative procedures, there is no removal of skin.

- Low downtime and few side effects.

- Increases the self-esteem of the treated person.

Which problem areas can be treated with the NeedlingPen?

The treatment possibilities with the NeedlingPen are manifold. Among other things, treatment of the following problem areas is possible:

- Improvement of the skin structure

- Wrinkles of all kinds

- Scars

- Acne scars

- Large pores

- Pigmentation disorders

- Skin and pigment spots

- Hair loss

- Beard growth

- Stretch marks

- Stretch marks

- Cellulite

- Décolleté

- BB Glow Make-Up

Please note that depending on the size of the skin area to be treated, a dermaroller may also be used for treatment. For example, you can treat cellulite or stretch marks much faster with the dermaroller, as the roller and its larger contact surface allow for quick, area-wide microperforation.

How often should the Microneedling treatment with NeedlingPEN be performed?

The treatment interval always depends on the needle length used and on your individual skin condition. The following is recommended as a guideline:

→ Up to 0.5 mm: 2 x per week

→ 1.0 mm: 1 x every two weeks

→ 1.5 mm: 1 x every four weeks

Which needle head for which treatment?

The choice of needle head always depends on the problem areas you wish to treat. There is a wide selection of needle heads available for each problem area:

12-gauge needles: Wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, hair growth, décolleté, lipolysis (body slim).

36 needles: pigmentation spots, skin discoloration, skin rejuvenation, large pores, BB Glow application.

42 gauge needles: pigmentation spots, large pores.

Nano needles: BB Glow application, lips, painless delivery of any type of meso active.

Which needle length should I choose for the treatment?

NeddlingPEN Needle length

How do you adjust the needle length on the NeedlingPen?

The NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL has extensive protective functions and a child safety lock. The length of the needle can only be adjusted when it is switched on. To do this, turn the adjustment wheel until the arrow points to the desired needle length You can adjust the needle length setting between 0.0mm and 2.5mm.

How often can you use a needle head?

In principle, each needle head is a single-use product according to the Hygiene Ordinance (e.g. HygV BW § 2 para. 3). Accordingly, cosmetic procedures on skin lesions should be performed with sterile objects and materials

The Dermapen replacement needle heads are solidly manufactured and can be used up to three times in the private sector after disinfection in a soaking process with an InstruSol water mix. The needle head must be replaced immediately. Never share the same needle head with other people.

What serum can you use for treatment?

Sterile serums:

Improvement of the skin structure EGF Cell Booster

Revitalization & Skin Rejuvenation: Hyaluron Booster, EGF Cell Booster

Wrinkles & Anti-Aging Hyaluron Booster

Photoaging & UV Protection Retinol + Vitamin C Booster

Eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles Eye Contour Serum

Scars Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Acne scars Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Acne & Oily Skin Oily Skin Serum

Large pores Hyaluron Booster

Pigmentation disorders Skin Tone Imperfection Control

Skin spots Skin Tone Imperfection Control

Lip treatment Lip Booster

Hair loss Hair Growth Booster

Stretch marks Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Stretch marks Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum

Cellulite Cellulite Reversal

Cleavage Hyaluron Booster

Lipolysis & Fat Pads Lipolysis booster

Will the appropriate replacement needles still be available in the future?

Yes, Dermida is the only German manufacturer that offers you a 10-year warranty on spare parts and replacement needles.

NeedlingPen no longer starts and shows no reaction. What to do?

If your NeedlingPen can no longer be switched on, proceed as follows

1. Make sure that the NeedlingPen is supplied with power via the mains plug or one of the two supplied rechargeable batteries. If you are using a rechargeable battery, make sure it is charged.

You can check the battery by plugging it into the charging adapter and a wall outlet. When the green light on the battery comes on, it means it is fully charged

2. The NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL has extensive protective functions and a child safety function. To prevent the NeedlingPen from starting up unintentionally, the power button must be pressed for about 2 seconds. Make sure that the power button is pressed long enough.

3. If the device still does not work, please contact our technical department via this contact form. We will help you as soon as possible to solve the problem and get your NeedlingPen working again quickly.



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