Mesoram Micro Injection Needles 33G 0,20x4mm, PU 100pcs.

Mesoram Micro Injection Needles 33G 0,20x4mm, PU 100pcs.

Finest needle!

Mesoram micro-injection needles 100 pieces/box, individually packed, disposable, EtO sterilized and CE marked The perfect and accurate cut of the needles significantly reduces the pain sensation during treatment.



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Mesoram Micro Injection Needles 33G 0.20x4mm


We are redefining "spraying":

Injections may be necessary - but pain is not. For a more comfortable, pain-free injection, switch to MESORAM®


The finest needle on the market (33G):

The MESORAM® 33G is the finest needle available on the market. A 25% smaller diameter and accurate grinding make it so unique.


Highest quality:

Made in Europe by the market leader RI.MOS srl. according to 93/42/CEE, ISO 13485, CE marked and EtO sterilized


The shortest microinjection needle:

The MESORAM® microneedles, with a length of only 4mm, allow precise control of the injection depth, minimizing the sensation of pain.






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