Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area
Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area
Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area
Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area

Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area

Lipoinject® are needles specifically designed for the injection technique known as intralipotherapy for the treatment of medium and large areas of the body. Lipoinject needles are commonly used for the administration of products such as Aqualyx, which help dissolve fat in the desired areas of the body.

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These needles have been specially designed to allow a homogeneous infiltration of the fat-dissolving solution into all layers of the adipose tissue, ensuring an even distribution and effect of the product.

These extra fine needles are able to penetrate layers of fatty tissue to inject the solution in the right place with minimal pain.

Available in 2 sizes

- 20-25G/70mm needles (small areas)

- 20-24G/100mm (medium to large areas)

Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large area

The properties of Lipoinject needles

diameter - 24G;

length - 100mm;

Material - made of stainless steel, made in Germany;

Material - micro-polishing, wall micro-deburring and laser sharpening;

Indications for use - injection plastic, removal of localized fat deposits on the face, neck and other parts of the body.

The advantages

- The use of Lipoinject makes intralipotherapy much easier for the patient:

- a minimum of pain;

- light rehabilitation;

- no complicated side reactions.

Areas of application for Lipoinject needles

Liposuction can be used in the area of the eyes, the fine lines between the nose and lip, the cheekbones, the tip of the chin, the cheeks, the genital area, the penis, the breasts and the buttocks. Lipo injections can also be used to reduce leg curvature.

Typically, fat is removed from the abdomen and buttocks (immovable areas) using a low-pressure injector and injected into the transplant area under local anesthesia (general for large areas). Liposuction can be completed in a short time, and patients are discharged home a few hours later for recovery. Patients can return to their everyday activities 3 days after the procedure, but should avoid heavy activities. Swelling and bruising may occur after the procedure.

Swelling and bruising may occur after the treatment, which disappears after 10 days. 1 month after liposuction the difference is visible. Permanent results can be seen 6 months after the procedure. After a lasting result, patients feel better psychologically and socially and no longer have problems with their self-confidence.

Is lipo injection permanent?

The durability of liposuction depends on several factors. The fat cell harvesting technique, the injection area and the fat harvesting area are the factors affecting the durability of the procedure.

In addition, the mobility of the application area is another factor affecting durability. While this surgery is relatively permanent in immobile regions, it is not possible to achieve high permanence in mobile regions such as the lips. 40% of the injected fats are permanent after 6 months, the fat cells present after 6 months are permanent.


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