PRP set/kit for hair regeneration therapy

PRP set/kit for hair regeneration therapy

PRP HAIR Restoration Therapy Kit comes with additional Hair Cocktail, that is a hair restorative complex specially designed for promoting the growth of the hair due to the increase of the cellular metabolism.

2x PRP tubes

1x Vacutainer Butterfly with adapter

2x Luer Lock syringes 5ml

5x 30G 12mm cannulas  

2x 21G 40mm cannulas

1x Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial

1x Vinyl glove


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PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Kit

Our PRP hair therapy kit is the solution for thinning, receding hair and also other hair disorders. We are proud to offer a complete solution with our hair cocktail and PRP therapy kit. The cocktail provides nutrients that nourish your hair, and the kit helps restore your hair by injecting a plasma protein that stimulates growth.

With a PRP treatment, you are about to transform your hair. If you want great looking hair, you need a high quality PRP hair restoration therapy kit, like ours!

In the kit, you will receive the 2 most important products: PRP that comes with an additional hair cocktail to increase cellular metabolism. You will be back to your old self in no time!

PRP HAAR Restoration Therapie Kit

The PRP kit is an all-in-one hair restoration system for growing hair, and it's as easy as taking a vitamin. With the help of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Hair Cocktail, you will have noticeably thicker, fuller, healthier looking and revitalized hair in a short amount of time.

Hair loss can be an emotional stressor and can also cause insecurity. With the PRP kit, you can now strengthen your hair and give it back its youthful vitality!

Hair loss is a natural part of aging. If your hairline is receding, you are not alone. Join the tens of thousands of people who have tried the PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Kit to naturally increase hair density, improve hair texture and reduce the appearance of bald spots.

However, a genetic predisposition is also no excuse for hair loss. The PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Kit is designed to combat the effects of androgenetic alopecia, damage after surgery, chemotherapy and other factors that can lead to hair loss. It contains a hair restoration complex that promotes hair growth by increasing cellular metabolism.

Perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of hair transplantation or for those who are looking for a temporary solution to achieve a trendy look, our PRP HAIR Restoration Therapy Kit will help you look and feel great. 


VI - Density Life Platelets PRP-Tubes (PU 2 pcs)

PRP tubes with separating gel and anticoagulant.

For approx. 3-4 ml for convenient and fast plasma collection. The centrifuge tubes are made of high quality borosilicate glass. Anticoagulant (citrate) and separating gel are included.

prp tubes

Blood collection and injection material

1x Vacutainer with adapter

2x syringes 5ml

5x 30G 12mm needles  

2x 21G 40mm needles

1x vinyl glove

1x Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial

Want to give your hair the nutrients it needs? Look no further! Our all-natural, preservative-free, plant-based hair cocktail is just what you need. Highly effective, you will see the difference after a short time.

Hair Cocktail is a supplement developed by a group of scientists and doctors to meet the various needs of the hair. Panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotin and ferrous gluconate are ingredients that are all essential for maintaining healthy hair.


Panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotin, iron gluconate - and no unnecessary excipients, additives or preservatives!


D-Panthenol (Provitamin B5)

D-panthenol accelerates the formation of new cells. This effect is used in the production of wound ointments, e.g. Bepanthen. It penetrates deep into the scalp. The protective function of the skin is supported, attacked structures are regenerated. D-Panthenol is converted into coenzyme A, which in turn is responsible for cell metabolism. Panthenol is essential for hair growth.

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)

Pyridoxine activates hair growth, regulates metabolic processes and strengthens the hair structure.


Biotin (vitamin B7 or H)

Biotin stops hair loss and regulates keratin synthesis. It contains sulfur, an important component for skin and horn. Biotin activates metabolism and promotes the formation of new hair roots, in addition, it has a protective function and helps with irritated skin.


Thiamine (vitamin B1)

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the action of active radicals and prevents tissue damage. Thiamine regulates microcirculation, thus the hair follicles are optimally supplied. This ensures healthy hair growth.


Iron gluconate

Deficiency leads to hair loss, optimal supply protects skin and hair.

The application is topical or off-label.

A combination therapy in conjunction with PRP/vampire lifting is highly recommended.


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