Xenomes - hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy

Xenomes - hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy | 1ml per vial

Xenomes Hyaluronic Acid is an innovative product for mesotherapy. It contains 1ml of high-quality hyaluronic acid, which specifically helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity. It supports skin regeneration and helps reduce wrinkles and lines. With its highly effective formula, Xenome's hyaluronic acid is ideal for the targeted treatment of skin problems and for a generally more youthful appearance.


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Plumpness - deep rehydration - freshness

Xenomes - hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy allows to restore the volume, deeply rehydrate the skin, restart the normal growth mechanisms and skin turnover, it reactivates the metabolism and functionality of the skin, counteracting collagen degradation.

Perfect tissue biolifting is possible by using linear hyaluronic acid with two different molecular weights.

Hyaluronic acid can bind about 1000 times its own weight of water molecules.

Skin hydration can be visibly improved as a result.


Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Dibasic Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic Sodium Phosphate

The application is topical or off-label.

A combination therapy in conjunction with PRP/vampire lifting is highly recommended.


Face, neck, décolleté, chest area, back of the hands, arms, other areas. of the hands, arms and other areas deemed necessary by the doctor.

Aesthetic medicine offers the possibility of treating skin imperfections by directly addressing the cause:

By using linear hyaluronic acid with two molecular weights, it is possible to biorevitalize tissue.

Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body, in each of us, in our connective tissue: on average, our body contains about 15 grams of it.

Hyaluronic acid is constantly renewed. As soon as the old molecule is eliminated, it is replaced by the new one, thanks to a constant synthesis of new molecules.

With age, this process, like any other activity in the body, decreases. Hyaluronic acid is able to bind a large number of water molecules to itself, about 1000 times its weight.

Thanks to this property, it is used as a biolift to improve skin hydration. Its main property is that it is a hybrid hyaluronic acid, which means that it consists of two different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid.

One has a low molecular weight (40-80 kDa), while the other has a medium to high molecular weight (800-1200 kDa). This property allows the solution to act both superficially and in depth, because: the low molecular weight is immediately absorbed by the skin, revitalizing the top layer of the skin, while the high molecular weight penetrates deeper, moisturizing the dermis and regenerating collagen.

Hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy


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Elastification of the skin and effective fight against aging and localized fat accumulation without invasive procedures.

This innovative treatment of aesthetic medicine consists of a series of biostimulating formulations based on hyaluronic acid, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins that promote collagen synthesis and intensively moisturize the skin.


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