PRP-Set / PRP-Kit / PRP-Tubes

PRP-Set / PRP-Kit

PRP-Set / PRP-Kit

consisting of:

  • 2x PRP tubes
  • 3x syringes 2/3ml
  • 5x needle 30G 4mm
  • 2x vinyl glove
  • 2x Vacutainer without holder

AIl-in-One PRP Kit / PRP Set for quick use and easy extraction of high platelet enriched PRP and a PRP treatment!




PRP-Tubes, PRP-Kit, PRP-Set, PRP-Tub, PRP-Tubes



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Are you looking for the perfect PRP kit and PRP set for your clinic or office? We've combined all of the necessities to make it easy and quick to extract high platelet-enriched PRP. Our kit includes everything you need to make a successful PRP treatment.

We know how hectic your day is. That's why we've put together a kit that includes everything you need for quick and easy PRP collection. Our kit contains 15ml tubes for PRP, as well as sterile gloves, syringes, vacutainer and needles for quick and easy application.

Save time and money in your practice! The PRP set is a must in every doctor who uses PRP! Easy to use, easy to take out and quick to use for effective PRP treatments.

The PRP-Set / PRP-Kit is a complete system for extracting platelets rich plasma, enabling quick and easy use.

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