Quatron - Revolution among needles 31G
Quatron needles 31g
Quatron - Revolution among needles 31G
Quatron needles 31g

Quatron - Revolution among needles 31G

Product information "Quatron - Multi Needle, 31G

Adjustable length Multi Needle Attachment
Pack with 10 pieces

With Quatron, compared to a conventional injection needle, there is a more even and wider distribution and diffusion of the active ingredient.



Quatron - Multi Needle

QUATRON is designed to realize stable and comfortable injectable treatments for doctors and patients. The innovative multi-needle allows safer and quicker injections when broader extent need to be treated, leading to efficient and satisfactory treatments.



Product information: "Quatron - Multi Needle, 31G, 10stk"


Length-adjustable multi-needle attachment




  • Four injections simultaneously
  • High quality needles in 31G or 34G
  • Adjustable length of needles up to 4mm
  • Insertion at right angle (vertical)






  •  Less invasive, faster treatment and less downtime
  •  Less haematoma and less bleeding
  •  Even and wide distribution of the solution
  •  Easy change of needle length, depending on patient and treatment area
  •  Virtually always at the right depth
  •  Reduced injection pressure (plunger pressure)




  • Mesotherapy
  • Filler
  • PRP
  • Injection for hair loss



Flat and wide injection


Quantron - Herkömmliche Einzelnadel

Conventional single needle


Quantron - Herkömmliche Einzelnadel

Injection with Quatron


Quatron quadruple fluid delivery range


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