Practice starter set for PRP hair treatment

PRP starter set for hair treatment

Get a head start for your practice with our PRP HAIR Restoration Starter Set! It is the most comprehensive hair restoration therapy kit on the market. Perfect for those who want to offer the benefits of PRP treatment after hair transplantation to their patients. This all-in-one solution also includes one of the most powerful hair growth formulas in Hair Cocktail, a hair restoration complex scientifically designed to promote healthy hair growth. PRP hair treatment starter kit is the perfect solution for people who want to provide their scalp with everything it needs to be healthy and full of vitality. 

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PRP hair restoration starter kit for the doctor's offices

Introducing the most complete starter set for PRP hair treatments. This kit has everything you need to start the new trend of hair regeneration with PRP injections.

If you want to improve the quality of hair in your patients and stop hair loss, this is a great option. With this kit, you get everything you need for a PRP hair treatment.

PRP is a revolutionary and proven treatment that stimulates hair growth in people with thinning hair, and it does so without the use of drugs. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and is a natural way to stimulate hair growth and improve the appearance of thinning, brittle hair. It is not a permanent solution, but it can be repeated as often as needed to achieve fuller, healthier looking hair. 

This complete starter kit has everything you need for an easy and successful PRP hair treatment at an unbeatable value!

Get started with PRP hair treatment without spending a fortune on the essentials! You get all the equipment you need to start your own PRP hair restoration program in your practice. 

PRP HAAR Restoration Therapie Kit

We know it's not easy to start a new practice or purchase new equipment for a new service offering. That's why we've put together this PRP starter kit for you, which includes everything you need to offer PRP hair treatments to your patients. Let it grow into something big!


VI - Density Life Platelets PRP-Tubes - PU 10 pieces

- with separating gel and anticoagulant.

- PRP tubes make the whole process of plasma collection from blood much easier.

- For about 3-4 ml for convenient and fast plasma collection. Centrifuge tubes are made of high quality borosilicate glass. Anticoagulant (citrate) and separating gel are included.

PRP Röhchen

Centrifuge Hettich EBA 200

Compact performance with integrated versatility

The EBA 200 is a compact clinical centrifuge that offers performance and safety for small sample volumes. The EBA 200 features a built-in, versatile 8-position fixed-angle rotor and an adjustable LCD display for convenient and quick operation.

Blood collection and injection material

1x Vacutainer with adapter PU 24 pieces

1x Syringes 2/3mlml PU 100 pieces

1x 30G 0,30 x 12mm needles PU 100 pieces

1x 21G 40mm needles PU 100 pieces

1x Hair Cocktail 5ml vial

Want to give your hair the nutrients it needs? Look no further! Our all-natural, preservative-free, plant-based hair cocktail is just what you need. Highly effective, you will see the difference after a short time.

Hair Cocktail is a supplement developed by a group of scientists and doctors to meet the various needs of the hair. Panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotin and ferrous gluconate are ingredients that are all essential for maintaining healthy hair.


Panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotin, iron gluconate - and no unnecessary excipients, additives or preservatives!


D-panthenol (Provitaim B5)

D-panthenol accelerates the formation of new cells. This effect is used in the production of wound ointments, e.g. Bepanthen. It penetrates deep into the scalp. The protective function of the skin is supported, attacked structures are regenerated. D-Panthenol is converted into coenzyme A, which in turn is responsible for cell metabolism. Panthenol is essential for hair growth.


Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)

Pyridoxine activates hair growth, regulates metabolic processes and strengthens the hair structure.


Biotin (vitamin B7 or H)

Biotin stops hair loss and regulates keratin synthesis. It contains sulfur, an important component for skin and horn. Biotin activates metabolism and promotes the formation of new hair roots, in addition, it has a protective function and helps with irritated skin.


Thiamine (vitamin B1)

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the action of active radicals and prevents tissue damage. Thiamine regulates microcirculation, thus the hair follicles are optimally supplied. This ensures healthy hair growth.


Ferrous gluconate

Deficiency leads to hair loss, optimal supply protects skin and hair.

The application is topical or off-label.

A combination therapy in conjunction with PRP/vampire lifting is highly recommended.

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