PRP tubes - PU 20 pieces | without anticoagulants
PRP Tubes PU 20 pieces
PRP tubes - PU 20 pieces | without...
PRP Tubes PU 20 pieces

PRP tubes - PU 20 pieces | without anticoagulants

The newest PRP tubes made of crystal glass! Until now we had the high quality/thick walled borosilicate glass.

The properties of crystal glass are much more favorable in terms of PRP production.

Furthermore, the sterilization of the tubes is done with the autoclave. The tubes are now non-pyrogenic.

The PRP tubes do not contain anticoagulants!


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| Delivery time 2 - 3 days



PRP tubes - PU 20 pieces

PRP-Tubes - (CGF concentrated growth factors - 2nd generation).

The choice of material can be decisive for the quality of the blood sample.

The blood sample is taken using the negative pressure method - for a safer and easier blood collection.

The PRP tubes are manufactured in France. Without additives.

10 ml PRP tubes for approx. 4-5 ml plasma production.


Caution! Only the addition of heparin or citrate is required prior to blood sampling.


Instructions are included with the PRP tubes.

Heparin is available over the counter in pharmacies.




  • PRP is a simple procedure that does not involve any surgery, incisions or healing.
  • It is a safe and reliable procedure.
  • One of the main advantages of PRP therapy is that the procedure requires your own blood. This reduces the risk of the body rejecting or any other allergic reaction to the treatment and increases the safety and hygiene nature of the entire process.
  • No Downtime – The recovery period involved in PRP is very less.
  • Natural-looking results can be seen through PRP treatment


PRP is a revolutionary method that represents the new frontier for therapeutic cell regeneration, a safe and effective solution that ensures reproducibility and standardization of results.


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