Plasma Booster - Base/Serum Cream
Plasma Booster - Base/Serum Cream
Plasma Booster - Base/Serum Cream

Plasma Booster - Base/Serum Cream


PERSONALIZED COSMETICS - PRP Serum Cream with its own plasma - new formula with active anti-age ingredients.

High dose vitamin E, Argireline (Bio-Botulinum), Gingseng, Tripeptide-2 for firm skin, Grape seed extract.

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PERSONALIZED COSMETICS - Serum Cream with own plasma

PRP Cream Plasma Booster 

New formula with anti-aging ingredients. 

High dose vitamin E, Argireline (organic botulinum), Ginseng, Tripeptide-2 for firm skin, Grape seed extract.




PRP Cream Plasma


The action and the recipe of the serum cream are incredibly simple and at the same time extremely complex: all the plasma in a PRP tube is mixed into the cream. 

The growth factors are activated by receptors in the skin cells and can promote skin regeneration and renewal. Plasma vitamins, electrolytes and hormones nourish and protect the skin. 

The short peptides conduct the active ingredients through the stratum corneum to the deeper skin layers and activate the extracellular matrix. In addition, the peptides - similar to botulinum toxin - have a smoothing effect on wrinkles and blotchy skin. 


Treatment options


PRP Serum Plasmabooster

PRP cream is suitable for daily treatment, but especially for skin rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic treatments, e.g. peeling, laser and other invasive procedures. Skin healing processes are promoted. 

It can be very effective as an aid in the treatment of dermatological diseases. 

Healthier skin color, better skin hydration, strengthening tissue elasticity and resilience. The cream has a positive effect on wrinkles. 




The cream is applied to a clean face in the morning and evening, no further care is required. Preparation for personal use or according to country-specific legislation, which varies within the EU. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cream has a recommended retail price of €149.00


Pilot study: Autologous platelet‐rich plasma used in a topical cream for facial rejuvenation

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