Sleep Concept Biomed+ SleepWell -...
Sleep Concept Biomed+ SleepWell -...

Sleep Concept Biomed+ SleepWell - Pillow Spray

Aromatherapy with selected essential oils. Promotes relaxation for a deep and restful sleep. Who sleeps well, feels good and it shows.



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Sleep Concept Biomed+ SleepWell - Pillow Spray

Good sleep, important for mind and body

Developmentally, the olfactory center is the oldest part of our sensory organs. Scents and odors are processed without detours in the limbic system, which also links our emotions with experiences and which we cannot influence at will. Therefore, certain scent compositions are suitable for gently influencing our sleep behavior. The effects of essential oils have been proven in many studies.

Sleep - the nightly source of regeneration

It's well known that restful sleep is beneficial to health, keeping you physically agile and fit - and so is the brain. In the deep sleep phase, certain cells shrink, creating more space around the neurons, which can then be better flushed with brain water and remove metabolic waste products. These include protein molecules that are often mentioned in connection with Alzheimer's disease.

The beauty sleep

But that's not all. Beauty also goes hand in hand with good sleep. Restful sleep is considered the best anti-aging therapy and we can promote this to a maximum with the right sleep-promoting products such as the Biomed+ Re/Gen+ Night Lift Activ sleep concept.

Fragrances and their effect

Ylang Ylang

stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin through the sense of smell, which have a relaxing and calming effect on body and mind.


has an influence on the hormone cortisol, which is increasingly produced in times of stress.


has a physically relaxing effect and can also positively influence blood pressure.


has a mood-lifting effect & relieves stress.


secretes increased amounts of hormone-like substances that influence the day-night rhythm.

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