Gouri - Constant beauty thanks to CESABP

GOURI: Revolutionary Collagen Technology for Youthful Skin

Unit / Form: 1 syringe 1ml

Discover GOURI, an innovative injectable implant made from polycaprolactone (PCL) that stimulates your skin's natural collagen production for long-lasting rejuvenation.

GOURI sets itself apart from conventional fillers with its unique CESABP Technology:

  • Collagen regeneration: Stimulates your skin's own collagen production for a natural lift and volume.
  • Long-lasting results: Effects last up to 6 months, significantly longer than hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Safe and biocompatible: Biodegradable PCL breaks down naturally.

GOURI is ideal for women and men seeking an effective and natural anti-aging solution.

Experience the GOURI effect and radiate youthful freshness!

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GOURI - Revolutionary skin rejuvenation with liquid PCL

Experience the future of anti-aging treatments with GOURI, the first injectable polycaprolactone based on a breakthrough technology to activate natural collagen production.

Discover GOURI, the first fully liquid PCL (polycaprolactone) filler developed for holistic skin rejuvenation. With its unique formulation and advanced technology, GOURI offers an effective solution to regenerate collagen and rejuvenate your skin.

Main advantages of GOURI

- Natural collagen stimulation

GOURI uses the innovative CESABP technology to stimulate the natural collagen production in your face. This patented method enables effective skin rejuvenation without the use of micro-particles, which improves skin quality and results in a more youthful appearance.

- Long-lasting results

The effects of GOURI last between 6 and 12 months, depending on individual factors such as skin type and age. This makes GOURI a sustainable choice for those looking for long-term improvements without frequent re-treatments.

- Safe and effective

GOURI is CE certified and manufactured in ISO 13485 certified production facilities. It has been tested in extensive clinical studies to ensure its safety and efficacy.

Gouri Filler

Areas of application

- Full face treatment

With just one or two puncture points, GOURI enables comprehensive treatment of the entire face. It spreads evenly and stimulates collagen production everywhere for a harmonious result.

One session is recommended.

*Optionally, in severe cases, 1-2 follow-up sessions can be performed 4-6 weeks apart at the doctor's discretion.

One session is recommended.

*Optionally, in severe cases, 1-2 follow-up sessions can be carried out 4-6 weeks apart at the doctor's discretion.

  • Injection into the deep dermis 0.33*6 directions
  • It is not necessary to design the application at multiple injection points.

- Specific zones

GOURI is particularly effective in the eye area, where it helps to revitalize tired eyes and smooth fine lines. However, the product can also be used in other areas of the face to achieve targeted improvements.


Application process

The GOURI application process is relatively simple and minimally invasive:

  1. Consultation: prior to treatment, a detailed consultation takes place where your skin is analyzed and the treatment plan is discussed.
  2. Preparation: The area to be treated is cleaned and disinfected. If necessary, a local anesthetic is applied.
  3. Injection: GOURI is injected at strategic points using a fine needle or cannula to ensure optimal collagen stimulation.
  4. Massage: After the injection, the treated area is lightly massaged to promote even distribution of the filler.
  5. Aftercare: You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. However, it is advisable to avoid intense sunlight and extreme temperatures for a few days.

Ideal candidates for GOURI

GOURI is particularly suitable for people who show signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles or a loss of skin elasticity. As the product targets natural collagen production, it is ideal for those looking for long-term improvement without having to resort to drastic methods.

The technology behind GOURI: a deeper insight

GOURI differs from other dermal fillers due to its unique composition and application method. Here we take a closer look at the technology and methodology that make GOURI so special.

CESABP technology: innovation in collagen stimulation

CESABP (Collagenesis Stimulating Advanced Biodegradable Polymer) technology is at the heart of GOURI. This technology utilizes Polycaprolactone (PCL), a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer that is particularly effective in stimulating collagen production naturally. PCL is broken down slowly and evenly in the skin and ensures continuous collagen regeneration during this process. This leads to an improvement in skin structure and elasticity over a longer period of time.

Advantages of PCL

  • Biocompatibility: PCL is well tolerated and rarely causes allergic reactions.
  • Longevity: Compared to other fillers, which often degrade within a few months, PCL offers a long-lasting effect that improves skin quality over time.
  • Even distribution: PCL has a fluid consistency that allows for even distribution throughout the tissue, leading to more natural results.

GOURI triumphs at the AMWC: Revolutionary anti-ageing injectable impresses expert panel

DEXLEVO's breakthrough technology receives prestigious award and reinforces its position as market leader in natural skin rejuvenation.

GOURI, a revolutionary injectable from DEXLEVO, has been awarded "Best Injectable" at the prestigious AMWC congress. This award underlines GOURI's innovative technology and effectiveness as a natural anti-ageing solution. GOURI is gaining momentum in the global market and DEXLEVO continues to expand sales and marketing to consolidate its leading position.



- Can GOURI be used in the body?

GOURI has been specially developed and tested for use on the face. Further clinical studies on other areas of application such as the hands and neck are in progress.

- How long does it take until I can see results?

The first visible improvements can be expected within 1-2 weeks after treatment. The full effect unfolds as soon as neocollagenesis is fully induced.

- Can I combine GOURI with other cosmetic products?

It is recommended not to use any other dermal fillers or similar treatments for one month before and after the GOURI treatment to ensure optimal results. However, the use of non-cross-linked skin boosters or Botox in combination with GOURI is possible.

- What happens if I inject too much GOURI?

GOURI is designed to spread evenly, which minimizes the risk of hypercorrection. It is important to have the treatment performed by an experienced specialist to minimize the risk of overcorrection.

- What does GOURI packaging contain?

Each package contains an injection syringe with 1 ml of GOURI, which corresponds to a concentration of 210 mg/ml (21% PCL).

Choose GOURI for a safe, natural and long-lasting rejuvenation of your skin. Experience the benefits of advanced technology specifically designed to revitalize your skin in the most natural way.

Gouri is an innovative, injectable PCL implant that promotes natural collagen production and provides long-lasting wrinkle smoothing and volume enhancement.

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