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Needle module 9 pin 0.18 mm (5 pieces) for MEDICAL CONTROL

The medical needle module with 9 single needles for the needlingpen model MEDICAL CONTROL. Sterile, powerful, precise and with a wide range of applications for medical microneedling applications of any kind.   
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Perform microneedling safely and effectively with market-leading Dermapens and suitable Dermapen replacement needles made of surgical stainless steel. As a provider in the field of microneedling and PRP therapy, at you will find only high quality Dermapen replacement needles in various designs, which have been tested by experts, dermatologists, cosmeticians and thousands of customers worldwide. Choose the ideal number of needles from 1 to 42 for the treatment of wrinkles, scars, acne scars, stretch marks and many other cosmetic problem areas.

Buy Dermapen / MicroneedlingPEN Replacement Needles - At the No. 1 Microneedling and PRP Shop!

A wide variety of Dermapen replacement needles are available to you, such as for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and more!

When choosing Dermapen replacement needles, trust the expertise of the German pioneer and market leader in microneedling therapy. Quality, safety and efficacy are central to the design to achieve optimal results. High-quality workmanship made of surgical stainless steel, adjustable needle length from 0.1mm to 2.5mm and last but not least a safe bayonet lock round off the wide range of replacement needles. Below you will find information to help you find the right replacement needle heads for you.

What are Dermapen / MicroneedlingPEN replacement needles?

Dermapen replacement needles are exchangeable cylindrical needle heads for microneedling treatment with an electric needling pen or Dermapen. On the one hand, they consist of a bayonet catch or a circumferential thread to securely connect the needle head to the Dermapen by connecting it. The replacement needle head has an area of approx. 1 cm², which is filled with fine surgical stainless steel needles.

This surface is moved up and down during the treatment by the electric drive of the Dermapen with up to 15,000 strokes per minute. The fine needles leave many small artificial lesions on the skin, called microperforations. This process triggers a series of biological processes that help the skin to "repair" and renew itself. These mechanisms were first tested in the early 90s. At you can buy different types of replacement needles with different numbers of needles for a variety of applications on the face and body. The penetration depth of the needle is always set directly on the Dermapen from 0.1 mm to 2.5 mm.

Dermapen replacement needles

Fields of application for MicroneedlingPEN / Dermapen

High-quality dermapens, such as the NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL, now enable a wide range of treatment options. In the course of time, more and more needle heads have been introduced to make the treatment of specific skin problems even more effective. Basically, the needle types can be used for the differentiation of microneedling treatment and for permanent make-up (PMU).

1. Medical Needling, Microneedling and BB Glow

The right needle selection for microneedling

MTS, BB Glow & Microneedling

Needle head 12

Needles 12x: Suitable for acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks

Needle head 36

Needles 36x: Skin discoloration, pigmentation spots, skin rejuvenation, BB Glow and Large Pores

Needle head 42

Needles 42x: Suitable for pigment spots, large pores

Nanoneedles - Needle head for microneedling

Nanoneedle head: For painless application of active ingredients, BB Glow application, skin renewal

2. Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading

Ideal needle selection for PMU

Permanent Make-Up

Needle head 1 needle

1 needle: ideal for lip contours, eyelines and tattoos

Needle head 3 Needle

3 needles: Eyebrow contour, Eyebrow, Lip contour

Needle head 5 Needle

5 needles: Eyeliner, lip pigmentation, narrow areas and eyebrows

Needle head 3 Needle

3 needles: Tattoos and eyebrows

Needle head 5 Needle

5 needles: optimal for tattoos and eyebrows

Needle head 5 Needle

7 needles: Recommended for eyebrows and tattoos

Which needle heads fit which Dermapens?

DERMIDA Dermapen replacement needles, for example, are designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices. In principle, they can be used with any device that connects the needle head to the Dermapen via a bayonet catch. A bayonet fitting is a mechanical fastener that can be quickly connected and disconnected. The parts are connected by plugging them together and turning them in the opposite direction, which is also how they are disconnected again.


If you are not sure whether our Dermapen needle heads fit your device, you can send us a message to and we will check the compatibility of your device with our range.

How often can Dermapen replacement needles be used?

One of the most frequently asked questions: Can the Dermapen needle head be used more often or not? And can the needle heads be disinfected similar to a dermaroller? Generally all needle heads according to hygiene regulations (e.g. HygV BW § 2 Abs. 3) are prescribed as a single use product. Accordingly, skin damaging cosmetic procedures should be performed with sterile items and materials

Articles used for this purpose must not be reused after use. The Dermapen replacement needle heads are solidly manufactured and can, according to experience, be used up to three times in the private sector after disinfection in the insertion procedure with an InstruSol water mixture

However, as soon as you notice that an unpleasant sensation occurs during treatment, the needle head should be replaced immediately. Never share the same needle head with other people.

Therefore you should buy your Dermapen replacement needles at prpmed buy.

PRPMED has high-quality Dermapens and the corresponding replacement needles for microneedling applications. The Dermapen needle heads were developed by renowned manufacturers for demanding customers who do not want to compromise on safety and quality. Workmanship, high-quality needles and attractive prices in a value package make our Dermapen replacement needles so popular.

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