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Cosmetic face masks: types, effectiveness, basic principles of application and recommendations.

A cosmetic mask is an instant remedy for cleansing and refreshing the skin. There are many types of face masks, and cosmetologists recommend that people with all skin types should use a face mask from time to time.

Face masks aren't just good for cleansing pores or instantly smoothing skin; Simply putting on a mask is a little beauty ritual that anyone can enjoy at home.

No matter how meticulous your basic facial care is, you can't do without some extra help. And what do we mean by extra help for our skin? A suitable mask that can solve cosmetic problems and even have a therapeutic effect. In addition, modern cosmetic masks can work wonders, but they must be properly selected and applied to avoid damage, so here we will outline the main principles of mask care.

Why is it necessary to do face masks regularly?

The face masks are combined with a mixture of fruits and vegetables or a layer of clay;After all, you need a mask to provide your skin with valuable vitamins and minerals, and yes, you can make such a mask yourself, at home. That's it!

But recently, there has been a real boom in the cosmetics world in South Korea. Korean cosmetics are now very popular. The products of their Japanese counterparts are not inferior in quality and demand. But the most important Asian treasure is face masks. It is an effective remedy that works quickly to revitalize and nourish the skin. Making masks is essential for any woman who wants to preserve her youth and beauty, so it's worth doing this pleasant procedure regularly:

1. Cosmetic masks from industrial production contain a complex of active ingredients in high concentration, which is not present in homemade products. And these elements work harder and penetrate deeper into the layers of the dermis.

2. It is a remedy for all cosmetic problems. Depending on the type of mask, it can reduce rashes, excessive oiliness or dryness of the skin; it is used to prevent the signs of aging or smooth fine wrinkles; it evens out the complexion and removes pigmentation spots

3. The mask intensely nourishes and moisturizes the layers of the dermis. No, let's not forget about water balance - a lack of water in the body leads to dry and flaky skin.

4. It cleanses the pores and skin of impurities, oil, bacteria and even harmful substances. This normalizes the pH balance and proper microflora of the skin.

Helps regenerate the dermis and protects against external harmful factors.

5. It is an express skin care product for quick skin rejuvenation before an important event or after a hard day at work. It gives your skin a fresh and refreshed look after the first application.

But masks are cumulative. If you do them regularly, your skin condition will improve significantly. However, if you over-saturate it, it will have the opposite effect.

The classification of cosmetic face masks

Let's start with one-piece or split non-washable face masks, which are available for all skin types - tissue masks are easy to use, very popular and clean the skin in no time thanks to maximum amount of active ingredients with which the cloth is impregnated.

Hydrogel masks are a more serious version of hydrogel for maximum moisture and deep nourishment of the lower layers of the dermis, which are essential for tired and pale skin.

Washable masks:

- Creamy masks that maintain and protect the lipid layer of the skin. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, especially in the cold season

- Dry powder masks are suitable for everyone and allow you to create your own compositions together with essential oils or your favourite toner.

Foaming masks are great for cleansing and exfoliating the skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should avoid such masks.

Collagen masks are great for mature, dull and oily skin.

Bubble fun masks are suitable for everyone. Their main trick is to oxygenate the cells so that they actively produce collagen. They also eliminate excess sebum and acne, but do not dry out the skin.

Alginate masks are a milestone in the world of cosmetology! They are versatile and are great for tightening the skin, reducing puffiness, evening out skin tone and even detoxifying. But it's better to use them for mature, dehydrated and pale skin.

Gold particle masks are a whole bunch of beneficial properties in one product. Therefore, they deserve special attention. They saturate the dermis with vitamins, retain moisture in the cells, tighten the skin and even out the complexion. And the perfect product against wrinkles. But it should not be used before the age of 30!

Consider the purpose of the face masks

1. Moisturizing face masks are important for all, without exception. Hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and plant extracts are used. They fill the dermis with moisture.

2. Nourishing masks are saturated with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Bee products and plant ingredients are more widely used. Girls with oily skin should use them with caution.

3. Tonic - makes your skin radiant, velvety and relaxed. They contain extracts of lemons or other citrus fruits, rice and black caviar (which is also known as a rejuvenating ingredient).

4. purifying - removes keratinized cells and cleanses the pores. Contains mainly healing mud, clay or charcoal.

5. Soothing masks are ideal for sensitive skin. They protect and regenerate the dermis after UV rays or other negative external factors. They contain ingredients such as chamomile, green tea or aloe vera

6. Brightening masks even out skin tone and reduce age spots. Contains retinol, vitamins C and E. Not suitable for dry, sensitive skin or if you have rashes.

7. Rejuvenating masks only for sallow, mature skin from 30-35. They contain collagen, placenta, nanoparticles of useful minerals and extracts of animal origin (e.g. snake or bee venom) to improve the firmness of the skin and prevent or eliminate wrinkles.

Frequency of use of face masks

Tissue face mask can be used daily, others should not be used too often, especially do not overdo it with clamp masks, collagen and alginate products is enough once a week, the latter product can be used a maximum of twice, if the course requires.

- For normal skin: regular moisturizing up to 2 times a week

- For dry skin: intensive moisturizing up to 2 times or nourishing care up to 3 times in 7 days. It is possible to alternate the treatments 1 x moisturizing, 2 x nourishing

- Oily skin: cleansing and dry masks up to 3x every 6-7 days

- Mature skin: rejuvenating masks every 3 to 5 days (the drier the skin, the more frequent the treatment and the more moisturizing)

- Sensitive skin: up to 2 times a week - soothing masks with moisturizing effect.

- Combination: Depending on the skin type, a special product is used for each zone.

Important: observe individual needs and manufacturer's recommendations and do not forget allergy test beforehand.

Consider your age

Girls under 25 years should wear a mask no more than twice a week. Young skin regenerates quickly. Oily skin and rashes are often a problem at this age, so use a cleansing and antiseptic mask.

Before the age of 30, switch to nourishing and moisturizing masks up to 3 times a week. However, do not use rejuvenating cosmetics, otherwise they will slow down the natural cell regeneration.

After 30, the masks should be done every 2-3 days, but in therapies until the desired effect is achieved. Well, they are preparations with hyaluronic acid, snail mucus, aloe vera or algae extract. Peeling masks should be used once a week.

After 40 years, the level of collagen and elastin in the body decreases and the dermis needs more nutrients. It is recommended to apply a mask every 2 days. But even in these therapies, you should give the skin a "break" from time to time.

The basic principles of the application of a face mask

- Apply the mask only on thoroughly cleansed skin.

- Korean women point out that after cleansing, you should use a lotion or tonic to improve the penetration of the ingredients. Apply a serum before the alginate mask.

- Follow the massage lines from the chin up.

- Remove your hair and cover it with a bandage as it will be more difficult to wash/remove the mask from it.

- The face mask is not suitable for the skin around the eyes and lips!

- You can use your fingers, but a brush is more convenient. Cream or gel masks should be applied with a brush with thick synthetic hairs, alginate masks with a wooden spatula. A silicone brush is universal, it does not absorb particles of the mask, is easy to clean and economical in use.

- Do not keep the mask longer than necessary. The average duration of action is 15-30 minutes.

- During this time, it is better to rest - masks work more efficiently in a calm state.

- Rinse with warm (preferably boiled) water, use a sponge for relief. Korean women, by the way, love the natural konnyaku sponge, with which you can conveniently wash off the mask or simply wash your face.

- At the same time, you should avoid detergents, as they wash away all the useful particles of the mask on the surface.

- After a tissue or hydrogel mask, you do not need to wash - it is better to "beat" the rest of the emulsion into the skin.

- Reinforce the result with a cream or gel to "seal" the moisture and beneficial elements.

Which face masks are effective in the morning and which in the evening?

Many women believe that face masks are not limited to night masks. They often use fabric masks in the morning, in this way they saturate the dermis with moisture, so that the skin glows all day

Therefore, use a morning hydrating mask instead of a cream or gel, it absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue. Choose a product with aloe, snail mucus or hyaluronic acid

Cleanse and nourish at night. Women love night masks, because at night, during the rest period, the skin is renewed and actively absorbs nutrients. But you can do such a mask once a week (2 times is acceptable for paler skin). After the night mask, the result is ensured with a light cream or emulsion

Do not overload your face with masks or creams containing active ingredients!

Can you combine a face mask and a peeling?

A seemingly simple question, and many girls are accustomed to wear a face mask only on completely clean skin, that is, after washing and scrubbing, but not everyone is aware of this scheme, and there are insidious little nuances.

1. Remember that exfoliation must be done before the mask, otherwise you can damage the skin! Yes, and the effect of the reverse mask falls away.

2. Exfoliation dries out the skin. Although exfoliation has a gentler effect, the skin needs to be moisturized, nourished or soothed after the mechanical treatment (depending on your skin type).

3. Do not use a drying or cleansing mask after exfoliation as this will dry out the skin.

4. The same goes for sheet masks. Allow at least a week between the two treatments!

Can face masks be combined with each other and can several be used at the same time?

Again, the masks are cumulative, especially alginate mask. That is, it is not necessary to do it every day for the health of your skin, but it is necessary to undergo therapy. On average, it is 10 days (not consecutively). After that, the dermis should rest, but its condition will not deteriorate. Therefore, it does not make sense to overload the skin with active substances at once. However, it is possible to enhance the effect of one mask with another

You can use several masks if you have several cosmetic problems or if you want to achieve a super effect.

It is better to apply a second (moisturizing or nourishing) after the cleansing mask (for example, a pore-cleansing film mask).

Do not use more than 2 masks at a time.

A tissue face mask is compatible with all types and can be used at the same time. It is applied immediately over the first mask. Film and alginate masks are not covered by this criterion.

A film mask should not be used together with dry masks as the skin will then be too dry. The same applies to brightening masks and products with gold particles - they dry out the skin themselves.

Pamper your skin regularly with masks, but do not overdo it!

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