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PRP Centrifuge Medifuge

High quality PRP centrifuge Medifuge CGF from Silfradent - specially designed for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) production with PRP tubes - fractional centrifugation with preset 6-part program. Medical device class IIa.   For efficient platelet/growth factor yield.       *Information on the calculation of the delivery date  
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PRP Tube Carrier - Stainless Steel/Brushed

Practical, high-quality brushed steel tube holder / container for PRP tubes - - only the lower part of the tube is held for easier operation  
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PRF / CGF-KIT for dentists

PRF Starter Package is a patented PRF kit which contains the material necessary for blood collection and special dappers that facilitate the processing of blood components without the risk of contamination. Then the kit is equipped with special instruments for making a fibrin membrane and placing the clot into the implantation site.  
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PRF - platelet-rich fibrin - is a therapeutic technique that increases the effectiveness of surgery and facilitates the postoperative period and rehabilitation.
Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure after which a number of complications sometimes occur, such as pain, swelling, bleeding, inflammation, alveolitis, etc. 

In order to shorten the healing time of the postoperative wound, relieve the pain syndrome and swelling, PRF technology is used. What is it? 

PRF technology is an innovative medical technology that produces platelets with a high fibrin content, or fibrin film. 

Platelets are the blood cells responsible for repairing damaged tissue. 

Fibrins are high molecular weight proteins that play a critical role in preventing inflammation. They protect the body from the spread of pathogens and toxins, meaning they prevent inflammation from spreading.


What is the peculiarity of this PRF technique? 


The product is rich in blood cells and growth factors that promote successful regeneration of hard and soft tissues, stimulating the healing of surgical wounds. It is worth mentioning that the drug does not cause allergic reactions, as it is autologous material, i.e. it belongs directly to the patient to whom the technique is applied. 

How is the PRF material prepared? 


To obtain the PRF material, blood must be drawn from a vein in the patient. The procedure is similar to the usual blood collection for testing. The blood is taken in a tube directly in the dentist's chair and then placed in a special centrifuge where the A-PRF (membrane) or I-PRF (fibrin glue) is formed. To obtain one or the other type of material, the dentist sets the required parameters on the machine. A-PRF - Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin or Advanced PRF - is a membrane clot that is centrifuged and placed in a preparation box to obtain a regenerant of a specific thickness that is safe to use, easy to handle, sew and cut. I-PRF - injectable platelet-rich fibrin or injectable PRF - is a viscous fluid (fibrin glue) used in bone grafts to "glue" the bone material together into a single conglomerate. The main effect of these materials is to stimulate the growth of blood vessels. For this reason, the scope of application is quite broad, because in any manipulation it is important to ensure proper nutrition of the surgical area. 

PRF - Platelet Rich Fibrin. PRF in dentistry is a therapeutic technique that increases the effectiveness of the surgical procedure and facilitates the postoperative period and rehabilitation.

PRF therapy is one of the modern methods of regenerative medicine. The patient's own blood cells can increase the speed and quality of healing many times. Thanks to PRF membrane, the consequences of dental surgery and soft tissue surgery in dentistry will be maximally smoothed and unnoticeable.


PRF preparation technique


There are several types of PRF therapy, including A-PRF and I-PRF. This preparation is part of the plasma obtained from the patient's fibrin-rich blood. It also contains many platelets and active elements for vascular tissue growth. A normal PRF membrane is prepared in a plastic tube with plasma activator. Or in glass tubes, which are themselves such an activator. With high centrifugation speed, the preparation can be made in 8-12 minutes directly in the doctor's office.

The A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Riches Fibrin) method was first developed in an international training center in Nice. The technologies used to obtain PRF material are similar. The only difference is the processing speed and some nuances in the preparation of the high-tech platelet-rich fibrin. Autologous fibrin membranes accelerate postoperative wound healing and tissue regeneration many times over.
The source of I-PRF (injectable PRF membrane) is also the patient's blood. Using a centrifuge with a different processing mode, fibrin with the consistency of a viscous liquid is obtained from the membrane, which is stored in a sterile vacuum tube. It is solidified plasma in its pure form that thickens within 10 minutes.

Not much blood is needed for PRF therapy. It is about the same as a normal test from a vein.

PRF is a graft material that contains no foreign thrombins and stimulates growth factors over a period of time. The foreign-body-free L-PRF fibrin network, which is rich in platelets and white blood cells, stimulates growth factors such as PDGF, VEGF, TGFB and thrombopoietin during the first 7-14 days of bone healing, during the peak of angiogenesis (process of forming new blood vessels). However, cytokine production lasts only 7-14 hours. Therefore, growth factor production decreases significantly after the first 7-14 hours. PRF is used to produce membranes that accelerate the healing process and increase the biotype of the tissue. In addition to bone grafting, PRF is used as a filler in the extraction site to prevent thrombus formation, as well as at implant sites and in the correction of bone defects.


Application of PRF membranes in surgical dentistry


1. after normal and complicated tooth extractions. A root canal is created at the site of the extracted tooth, so PRF membranes are used for rapid healing. The growth factors contained in PRF membrane have a direct effect on the speed of healing, scar formation and mineralized tissue formation, and the postoperative period is painless.
2. for sinus lifts before implantation. The PRF membrane enables an accelerated osseointegration process. The membrane also serves as an additional protective measure to ensure optimal conditions for complete bone regeneration.
3. during implantation. The PRF membrane wraps around the implants and ensures faster and safer implant placement.
4. in periodontology - in the treatment of gingival recession, flap surgery, gingival augmentation. PRF membrane promotes rapid healing and restoration of soft tissues.

The main advantages of using PRF membranes are:
- Swelling is reduced;
- painful sensations are minimized
- the possibility of inflammatory processes is reduced
- The overall duration of the rehabilitation period is shortened, which is clinically proven.

Regenerative medicine is rapidly gaining acceptance in medical circles as a powerful tool to accelerate recovery by utilizing the natural resources of the human body. 

From platelets to stem cells, medical researchers are finding new and exciting ways to harness these powers to help you heal faster. Dentistry is also at the forefront with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). 

PRF can be used to reduce swelling in your tissues and promote faster healing of soft and hard tissues. PRF gradually releases important growth factors that help your cells do their job of rebuilding and regenerating. 

The PRF technique is especially useful when gum surgery is performed to stop or reverse periodontal disease. 

When a damaged tissue, including bone, is removed, the goal is to promote healing of that area as quickly as possible while regenerating healthy tissue. PRF's ability to support both is a great asset to oral surgery; the patient benefits from a shorter healing time that puts them on the path to better dental health faster.

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