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Alcohol-free disinfectant - HYDROXIL - 1.0l bottle

HYDROXIL 1.0l Quantity 1 pc. HYDROXIL is a highly effective, alcohol-free disinfectant without additives. High material compatibility and leaves no residues after disinfection.  
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Alcohol-free disinfectant - HYDROXIL 0,1l - PU 25

HYDROXIL is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a highly effective and skin-friendly disinfectant. Because it offers you maximum safety and protection. With HYDROXIL you remain effectively and reliably protected against various pathogens. Try it out now and experience the effect of HYDROXIL for yourself. Our alcohol-free disinfectant is your...
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€58.40 per Liter

Alcohol-free disinfectant - HYDROXIL 5,0l

HYDROXIL 5.0 Quantity 1 pc. lHYDROXIL is a highly effective, alcohol-free disinfectant without additives. It is non-flammable, without phenols, tensides, dyes and is not a hazardous material. It offers high material compatibility and leaves no residue after application. It is effective against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and has been laboratory...
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€11.76 per Liter

HYDROXIL Turbo Atomiser HT-24

The HYDROXIL Turbo Sprayer HT-24 is an electric sprayer, a cold nebuliser, suitable for disinfecting large surfaces. It is a portable ULV (ultra-low volume) fogger whose 4.5 litre tank can be filled with alcohol-free disinfectant.    
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