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D/A Treatment Cleanser [Basic Series] (100 ml)

The Treatment Cleanser optimally prepares people with normal, sensitive or combination skin for the systematic microneedling treatment. It gently cleanses and at the same time reliably removes dirt, sebum and make-up residues.  
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€238.00 per Liter
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The key to beautiful and healthy skin is proper cleansing. PRPMED offers a wide range of facial cleansers adapted to age and physiology. Our selection of skin care foams and milks not only remove impurities and makeup, but also

- refresh and nourish the skin

- Improve the complexion

- Reduce shine

- Gives a unique clean feeling

- Gives the skin a light and pleasant fragrance.

The facial cleansing products are based on natural ingredients, making them suitable for people with sensitive skin. The absence of sulfates, silicones, gluten and parabens in the composition is highly appreciated by vegans.

The collection includes products with a creamy texture, toners, foams, sprays and oils. If you want to protect your skin while traveling, choose a cleansing wipe or spray in a compact 100 ml bottle.

The silky texture, natural fragrance and healthy composition of the products from prpmed will help you cleanse your skin effectively and keep it healthy and beautiful.

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