PRP Centrifuge Medifuge PRP Centrifuge Medifuge 2
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PRP Centrifuge Medifuge

High quality PRP centrifuge Medifuge CGF from Silfradent - specially designed for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) production with PRP tubes - fractional centrifugation with preset 6-part program. Medical device class IIa.   For efficient platelet/growth factor yield.       *Information on the calculation of the delivery date
Density Life Platelets PRP Tubes Density Life Platelets PRP Tubes 2
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€113.45 €209.24
VI - Density Life Platelets is a pack of 10 packed PRP tubes. VI Density Life Platelets is a modular, medical product that is used to produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It can be used for many indications for the treatment of damaged limbs and joints.
PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair treatment PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair treatment 2
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PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair treatment PU 4 pcs. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that plays a major role in repairing your hair. PRP is platelets rich plasma, which is responsible for the renewal of skin cells and hair growth. Get the benefits of both in just one PRP tube.
Vital Injector (the original with med. CE) Vital Injector (the original with med. CE) 2
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Vital Injector2 is the innovative improved product of the original Vital Injector, an automatic aqua lifting injector. It has adopted the latest technology of using 5 needles simultaneously, maximizing the effect and shortening the treatment time. It has also adopted the disposable filter system, which allows safe treatments in a hygienic environment....
EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild 2
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€1,190.00 €1,459.00
EPN - Needling Pen with electroporation Medical device class 2 - allowed for deep (dermal) needling. incl. 5 spare heads Electroporation makes the cell membranes permeable, thus the active substances can be better introduced into the tissue. Two therapies (needling and electroporation) in one device. The functions can also be used separately....
Plasma gel device - Thermostat APAG
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High quality plasma gel device / PRP-Thermostat with preset programs. No China goods! Produced in Italy!   APAG is the latest dermal filler ideal for true natural augmentation and meets all requirements for modern injections. The only filler that is 100% endogenous and therefore well tolerated by the body. The blood is closely monitored by the body system...
Basis Serum PRP Cream Basis Serum PRP Cream 2
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PRP Cream Basis Serum

€16.77 €25.17
Content 25ml | Unique regenerative PRP cream! Can be combined with your own plasma. Personalized cosmetics. The serum for PRP promotes cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, prevents skin aging and fights inflammation.  Especially effective in combination with blood plasma! All the plasma from a PRP tube is mixed to the cream. The...
PRF Starter Package for Dentists
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PRF Starter Package for Dentists

PRF Starter Package is a patented PRF kit which contains the material necessary for blood collection and special dappers that facilitate the processing of blood components without the risk of contamination. Then the kit is equipped with special instruments for making a fibrin membrane and placing the clot into the implantation site.

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