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MEDICAL CONTROL needling pen

As a medical device of risk class IIb, the medical NeedlingPen MEDICAL CONTROL offers a legally secure application for doctors, alternative practitioners and medical applications.  
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NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL (electric & wireless)

New and further developed! The electric and cordless Dermapen and NeedlingPen Xtra CONTROL is the latest high-tech version of an automated microneedling system for home and special applications!  
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EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild EPN - Needling Pen mit Elektroporation - Titelbild 2
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EPN - Needling Pen with electroporation

EPN - Needling Pen with electroporation Medical device class 2 - allowed for deep (dermal) needling. incl. 5 spare heads Electroporation makes the cell membranes permeable, thus the active substances can be better introduced into the tissue. Two therapies (needling and electroporation) in one device. The functions can also be used separately....
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EPN - Needling Pen

EPN is the abbreviation for Electroporation Needle. It is a skin rejuvenation therapy using microneedles that stimulate the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin) without scarring and promote the natural skin healing process and the process of new collagen formation. It is the latest innovative drug delivery device that applies the drug directly to the skin to appropriately stimulate the area without damaging the skin.

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