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EPN - Needling Pen with electroporation

The EPN Needling Pen (Electroporation Needle) is a professional microneedling device that combines the benefits of dermal needling with the advanced technology of electroporation.  The EPN Needling Pen is an EU-approved Class 2 medical device that increases the absorption of active ingredients by combining microneedling and electroporation....
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Crystal MESO Injector - Innovative Mesotherapy Device for Precise Skin Treatments

- MesoGun with medical approval class 2b. - Perfect handling, flexible & wireless. - Cost-effective solution of the highest quality. The Crystal MESO Injector is an innovative cosmetic treatment device that can be used to deliver active ingredients directly into deeper layers of the skin.
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EPN - Needling Pen

EPN is the abbreviation for Electroporation Needle. It is a skin rejuvenation therapy using microneedles that stimulate the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin) without scarring and promote the natural skin healing process and the process of new collagen formation. It is the latest innovative drug delivery device that applies the drug directly to the skin to appropriately stimulate the area without damaging the skin.

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