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Dyspareunia-PRP quality of life: a comprehensive overview

Discover how PRP therapy relieves dyspareunia and improves quality of life. Learn more about symptoms, treatments and patient experiences.

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Endometrial problems and the revolutionary role of PRP treatment.

Endometrial problems can be a challenge for women trying to conceive, with thin endometrium posing a particular difficulty. PRP treatment, a method that uses platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood, shows promising results in treating endometrial problems.

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Ovarian Insufficiency and PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a relatively new treatment option for ovarian insufficiency. In this therapy, the body is injected with an autologous plasma preparation enriched with a high concentration of growth factors. These growth factors can stimulate the ovaries and improve egg production.

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Restoration of tubal function with platelet rich plasma

In recent years, the use of PRP to improve ovarian function in women with premature ovarian failure or low ovarian reserve has also been explored. The results of some studies suggest that PRP can increase the number and quality of eggs and improve pregnancy rates.

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Dermaroller and its application: synergies with PRP, serums and hyaluronic acid.

Dermaroller is specifically designed to stimulate the natural regeneration of the skin and is increasingly used in combination with other treatments such as PRP, serums and hyaluronic acid.

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FAQ - PRP training in the areas of trichology, orthopedics and aesthetics.

PRP training in the areas of trichology, orthopedics, and aesthetics is a hands-on, limited time, small group training that specializes in the application of PRP in these areas.

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Your blood. Your power. PRP Penile Injection.

In our latest blog article, we highlight the innovative possibilities of PRP penile injections. What's behind the platelet-rich plasma trend, and how can it help men improve their sexual function? In addition to a detailed look at the procedure and potential benefits of the treatment, we also address potential risks and side effects.

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Applications of PRP in animals: An overview

In this article, we will provide an overview of the applications of PRP in animals and how it can help improve their health.

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Why are platelets of interest to dermatologists?

Platelets are small, seedless blood platelets that play an important role in blood clotting. They can be involved in various skin diseases such as wounds, inflammation or bleeding.

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Required equipment and consumables for PRP treatment

A PRP treatment requires special equipment and consumables. These include a centrifuge, tubes, syringes and needles.

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