Fibrin tongs for the production of fibrin patches

Fibrin tongs for the production of fibrin patches

For the production of fibrin plasters for rapid wound healing

endogenous plaster production - suitable for ulcer, non-healing wounds etc.



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Fibrin forceps

The fibrin forceps are used for processing CGF by dentists.

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) is a technique used in dentistry to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. It is extracted from the patient's blood and contains a high concentration of growth factors that can accelerate healing. CGF is often used for dental implants, bone augmentation, periodontal treatments and other dental procedures.


High Quality Material: Made of stainless steel, these pliers ensure durability and corrosion resistance, ideal for repeated use in medical facilities.

Ergonomic Design: With comfortable handles and an optimal length, the fibrin forceps provide excellent handling and minimize user fatigue during long procedures.

Autoclavable: For maximum hygiene and safety, the fibrin forceps are autoclavable, facilitating sterilization between uses.

Application areas

  • Surgical procedures requiring manipulation or removal of fibrin or other tissues.
  • Dental procedures, especially in periodontal surgery.
  • In wound care, to remove excess fibrin or necrotic tissue.

Care and maintenance:

It is recommended to clean and sterilize the fibrin forceps after each use according to the applicable medical protocols. Regular inspections for damage or wear ensure safe use.

Fibrin forceps - The surgeon's reliable partner

The fibrin forceps is an essential instrument for medical professionals who require the highest precision and reliability in their interventions. Its robust construction and sophisticated design make it an indispensable tool in any modern medical facility.


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