Pre-Peel Solution from Utsukusy Cosmetics

Pre-Peel Solution from Utsukusy Cosmetics

The Pre-Peel Solution from Utsukusy Cosmetics is an essential preparation solution that effectively prepares the skin for chemical peels by degreasing, cleansing and adjusting the pH value. Contents 150ml.

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Pre-Peel Solution - Optimal preparation for your skin

Why is Pre-Peel Solution important before peeling?

The Pre-Peel Solution is a 150ml solution specially developed to prepare the skin for chemical peels by thoroughly cleansing it of excess oil, dirt and make-up residue. It helps the peel to work better.

Contents and ingredients

Content: 150ml


The advantages of Pre-Peel Solution

  • Degreasingeffectively removes excess oil and sebum to facilitate the penetration of the chemical peel.
  • Deep cleansingremoves dirt particles and make-up that could impair the effect of the peeling.
  • Improved exfoliation resultsensures that the peeling can penetrate deeper and work more effectively.
  • pH adjustmenthelps to regulate the pH of the skin, which is important for successful exfoliation.
Pre Peeling


  1. First cleanse the face thoroughly to remove make-up and dirt.
  2. Then apply the Pre-Peel Solution to a gauze cloth.
  3. Carefully apply the soaked cloth to the face, neck and décolleté.
  4. Allow the solution to soak in so that it can work properly.
  5. Then continue with the chemical peeling.

This prepares the skin ideally for the peeling.

With the Utsukusy Post-Peel Neutral Solution, you can give your skin exactly the care and protection it needs after a chemical peel. It is an essential ingredient for anyone who performs professional peels or has them performed.

Safety instructions

The Pre-Peel Solution from Utsukusy Cosmetics is an essential step in the preparation for chemical peels. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, removes excess oil and helps to adjust the pH level, which is crucial for the effectiveness of the peel.

The Pre-Peel Solution ensures that the skin is optimally prepared for the peel, leading to better results and healthier looking skin.

The Post-Peel Neutral Solution from Utsukusy Cosmetics is a specialized neutralizing solution for all skin types that safely ends the peeling process and cares for and soothes the skin after chemical peels.

Utsukusy Cosmetics is a Spanish cosmetics company founded in 1979 and based in Barcelona. The word Utsukusy means "beauty" in Japanese. Utsukusy Cosmetics combines ancient Japanese traditions with the latest scientific discoveries. Utsukusy Cosmetics supplies cosmetic studios, beauty institutes, SPAs as well as doctors and alternative practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine. Utsukusy products are designed and manufactured in Spain.

Decades of experience, scientific methods, knowledge of ancient Japanese traditions and an openness to new things are the secret of Utsukusy Cosmetics' success. Utsukusy Cosmetics always knows how to move forward without the 40 years of experience that comes with developing and manufacturing cosmetic products. The result is high quality, effective and professional cosmetic products that will also convince you and your customers. The cosmetic products of Utsukusy Cosmetics contain highly concentrated ingredients and therefore provide long-lasting visible results on the skin.

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