PRF kit

PRF / CGF-KIT for dentists

PRF Starter Package is a patented PRF kit which contains the material necessary for blood collection and special dappers that facilitate the processing of blood components without the risk of contamination. Then the kit is equipped with special instruments for making a fibrin membrane and placing the clot into the implantation site.


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PRF Starter Package for dentists

For PRF therapy, especially for the dentists, we offer a "PRF Starter Set". The entire PRF kit is certified as a medical device. Included are the following components:

PRF kit

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an amazing, relatively new, all-natural way to promote healing and is used extensively in dentistry. PRF has been shown to support the healing and recovery of dental procedures, including complex dental surgery or a simple tooth extraction. One of the latest innovations in oral surgery is the use of PRF for tissue engineering.

To perform this treatment, we offer a medically certified PRF set with the following components:

The PRF Starter Package contains the following components

Antiseptic swab

Antiseptischer Tupfer

Disposable Tourniquet


24x Butterfly with holder

Butterfly mit Halter

Hemostatic plasters

Blutstillende Pflaster

Stainless steel test tube tray

Tablett für Reagenzgläser aus Edelstahl

Dappen for fibrin cutter

Dappen für Fibrinabschneider

Grid for fibrin cutter

Gitter für Fibrinabschneider

Physiological solution

Physiologische Lösung

Dappen for fibrin

Dappen für Fibrin

Dappen for platelets

Dappen für Thrombozyten

Dappen for fine dust

Dappen für Feinstaub

Scissors with round syringe

Schere mit runder Spritze

Straight anatomical forceps / tweezers

Gerade anatomische Zange/Pinzette

Straight spatula

Gerader Spatel

Pliers for membrane production

Zange zur Membranherstellung

Compressor unit


Injector for fibrin - consisting of 2 pieces

Injektor für Fibrin - bestehend aus 2 Stück

Spatula applicator for membrane

Spatelapplikator für Membran



Surgical instrument screen

Chirurgische Instrumentenablage

Vacuette tubes

Chirurgische Instrumentenablage

PRF can be used in clinical dentistry in several ways

Bone implants

If the patient loses his natural teeth, you can replace them with implants. Implants are natural tooth-like structures that sit deep in the jaw just like your natural teeth. They also last longer, almost a lifetime, if you store them well. PRF helps build healthy new bone around them. By attracting osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) to the area in question, and with the help of stem cells, PRF supports bone regeneration.

PRF helps with bone resorption

Teeth become weak or loose when bone resorption (destruction) occurs around them. PRF builds new bone, improving the health of your teeth. PRF can also reduce probing depth. Probing depth is the depth of the pocket

When bone disease occurs, the bone breaks down and the gums separate from the teeth. The extent of the gap between the gums is measured with a probe and is called probing depth. PRF reduces the probing depth.

PRF advantages

PRF provides a sustained release of growth factors. In addition, growth factors in the blood help bones to heal better when they come into contact with PRF. Growth factors significantly accelerate healing. Facilitates angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) at the wound site, which promotes its healing. PRF also directs new cells, such as epithelial cells (skin cells), to the wound area so that fresh skin cells can cover the wound.

PRF also attracts other cells, such as bone-forming osteoblasts and blood vessel-forming cells, which are important for the regeneration of healthy tissue. It also keeps unwanted cells away. PRF is self-degrading, breaking down in a week or two.

By cross-linking the fibrin, we can delay the degradation for another two weeks. In some cases, especially with implants, PRF shortens healing time by half.

Closure of cleft lip and palate, sinus lift, ridge augmentation, and inlay and overlay grafts. It is used in reconstruction of facial trauma, repair of defects caused by tooth extraction, or removal of growths and cysts

Platelet-rich fibrin application is widely used today to speed up the healing process after surgery, and it is completely safe. Since the blood used is from the patient's own body, disease transmission is not an issue

Almost all patients report a significantly greater sense of well-being immediately after treatment. In addition, PRF offers a number of other important benefits

Reduced risk of infection

The dentist applies PRF firmly to the wound after the procedure and actually seals the wound against infectious agents, reducing the risk of problems. Thanks to its growth factors, PRF wound care helps increase tissue synthesis, which in turn leads to faster tissue regeneration. Faster healing reduces the risk of secondary infections, complications and discomfort


Disease transmission is not a problem because the patient's own blood is drawn. The amount of blood required is small and can be drawn during an outpatient procedure.

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and its predecessor, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), are categorized as autologous blood concentrates, which are blood products made from the patient's own blood. The physician takes a blood sample from the patient and then concentrates it using a centrifuge to separate the various blood components into individual concentrated layers

The resulting PRF is a yellow, gel-like membrane that is then typically compressed into a flatter membrane

This membrane can then be adapted over the bone graft material, combined with the bone graft material, and/or positioned around or on the dental implant to provide a biological membrane that promotes bone maturation and the health of the keratinized gingival tissue

PRF can also be used in periodontal surgery as a sole graft material. In addition, this material is extremely helpful in repairing perforations during sinus augmentation, preventing infection, and improving clinical outcomes

Fistula Repair

This includes the repair of fistulas between the mouth and sinuses.

In the dental field, as in the medical sector in general, great importance is attached to rapid recovery. The faster a patient recovers after a surgical procedure, the lower the risk of infection or other serious complications. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies are both excellent for rapid healing after certain dental procedures

*However, it is advisable for patients to consult with your surgeon and/or treating physician to determine whether or not PRF or PRP is appropriate for you.

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