Dermaheal LL Anti-cellulite 5ml
Dermaheal LL (10x5.0ml) Lipolysis Fat Away Syringe
Dermaheal LL Anti-cellulite 5ml
Dermaheal LL Anti-cellulite 5ml
Dermaheal LL (10x5.0ml) Lipolysis Fat Away Syringe
Dermaheal LL Anti-cellulite 5ml

Dermaheal LL (10x5.0ml) Lipolysis Fat Away Syringe

DermaHeal LL is a highly effective lipolysis product for the treatment of sagging skin, cellulite and sallow complexion.


The product contains a highly effective peptide complex, soy lecithin and L-carnitine to restore the elasticity and structure of the skin.


It also stimulates the activity of fibroblasts in skin tissue, which has a similar effect to lipolysis.


With regular use, cellulite and other skin texture disorders can be eliminated. It also prevents the formation of new orange peel skin. DermaHeal LL is a simple and effective solution for the treatment of problem areas. 10 Vials x 5ml per pack



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Dermaheal LL (10x5.0ml) Lipolysis Fat Away Syringe

Dermaheal LL is intended for supportive therapy of cellulite and sagging body skin.

Dermaheal LL is a lipolytic treatment for eliminating stubborn fat deposits in the body and reducing visible cellulite. Lipotherapy treatment is very effective in eliminating localized fat deposits, but also in regenerating and improving skin elasticity. Dermaheal LL should be performed on areas such as knees, thighs, hips, abdomen and chin. The results after treatment with Dermaheal LL are a slimmer and more contoured appearance of the treated areas.

Dermaheal LL

Young skin produces sufficient amounts of growth factors to ensure rapid tissue repair and a youthful appearance. Sufficient amounts of elastin and collagen help maintain the skin's elasticity and firmness. However, as the years go by, the skin ages, in part due to a decreased repair capacity. The skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity and firmness. The innovative Dermaheal technology allows us to replace the growth factors that our body produces less and less over time with biomimetic peptides, improving the condition of the skin, hair and skin pigmentation and reducing the number of fat cells.

An innovative lipolytic treatment that produces visible results after 5 weeks of treatment, during which the fatty tissue gradually dissolves. The comprehensive formula of the treatment allows to both reduce fat and contribute to the restructuring of collagen fibers, improving the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin.

- It reduces the number of fat cells and the thickness of the skin.

- This treatment is used for thick skin with cellulite and fat deposits

Fat accumulation in certain areas.

- It gives the skin a firm appearance by reducing fatty tissue.

Dermaheal LL increases the turgor of the skin, improves elasticity and skin texture, improves body shape and counteracts orange peel skin. After use, the skin feels firmer and tighter.

Dermaheal LL is a cocktail consisting of 3 important ingredients: Biometric Peptides, Soy Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Growth Factors and Peptides.

The package consists of:

10 vials x 5ml

Active ingredients

- Hydrogenated lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) Carnitine

- Decapeptide-4 (CG-IDP2)

- Hydrogenated lecithin (phosphatidylcholine): It helps reduce excess fat by promoting the breakdown of fat cells by increasing the absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol in the body. 

- Carnitine: It is a natural component of the human body that promotes fat burning and increases energy levels. It can also reduce appetite, helping to lose weight. 

- Decapeptide-4 (CG-IDP2): It is a natural peptide agent that increases fat loss by stimulating the production of enzymes that help break down fat cells. It also increases energy production and improves muscle strength.


- Effective fat dissolving treatment

- Removes stubborn fat in localized areas

- Slims and contour


Treatment with Dermaheal LL should be performed 2-4 times over a period of 6-8 weeks.

About Dermaheal

Dermaheal is the leading brand of high quality Korean mesotherapy and cosmetic products manufactured by Caregen. The Dermaheal brand includes a wide range of products for general skin care, hair care and mesotherapy treatment and is ideal for anti-aging, anti-pigmentation and other skin problems

Dermaheal products help solve problems such as poor skin hydration, premature aging and environmental wrinkles. In addition, Dermaheal includes products that stop stress or health-related hair loss, strengthen hair follicles and nourish the hair and scalp. The mesotherapy line contains a great combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, growth factors and other nutrients and skin rejuvenating substances. The beauty line also contains a unique fat removal treatment

A 100%ige biological compatibility is another feature of Dermaheal by Caregen. Therefore, patient-friendly mesotherapy treatment with these solutions rarely leads to adverse effects. This even applies to the HA-based injection gels in this range, as the hyaluronic acid they contain is not of animal origin and they are also fully biodegradable.

At the heart of Dermaheal's breakthrough injectable solutions are two things: innovative skin care technology and affordability. In other words, with this brand, Caregen is trying to bring consumers highly innovative cosmetic products that cost a fortune.

Whether you're looking for a non-surgical fat loss solution, a way to prevent and reduce hair loss problems, or guaranteed cosmetic rejuvenation mesotherapy through powerful biomimetic peptides, Dermaheal and are always at your side.


Dermaheal is a brand of professional cosmeceutical products owned by Caregen from South Korea. For 13 years, the company has been researching and developing factors that stimulate effective cell growth and development. The combination of these factors and peptides in Dermahil's products makes the line one of the most effective solutions to regulate the division and growth of skin cells, eliminating aging or other imperfections.

Dermaheal cosmeceuticals use nanotechnology to target fibroblasts. It is no secret that human skin loses its firmness and elasticity due to its activity and its reduction over time, which inevitably leads to the formation of wrinkles. Under the influence of Dermachil preparations, these negative changes are prevented - the skin is regenerated and the regeneration becomes even more intense. At the same time, the atypical skin cells are not changed.

The rejuvenating effect is achieved through the synthesis of collagen and elastin. There are no stem cells in Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals. They are absolutely hypoallergenic and natural products containing a rich supply of amino acids, minerals, medicinal extracts and vitamins. The risk of withdrawal syndrome and "overdose" is completely eliminated, which means that the use of Dermahil preparations is as safe as possible.

Effective method of rejuvenation without surgery

Dermaheal cosmeceuticals is the result of effective use of active peptides - the same growth factors that control and regulate the process of regeneration and division of skin cells. Dermaheal regulatory peptides effortlessly penetrate the stratum corneum barrier and reach target cells - fibroblasts, melanocytes, hair follicle nests, etc. And at the cellular level, they exert their therapeutic effect, for example, by activating fibroblasts to synthesize collagen.

Today Dermaheal is a complex of innovative cosmetics presented in several series. The products in these lines actively rejuvenate, moisturize and brighten the skin, depending on individual needs. Dermaheal cosmetics help with almost all major aesthetic skin problems. In addition, the Dermaheal series also includes cosmetics with a sun protection function, products for body shaping and for restoring hair structure and roots.

Dermachil products are based exclusively on high-tech ingredients. By developing truly innovative technical solutions, the production team exploits the maximum potential of these ingredients. Dermaheal products are thus a benchmark of safety and impeccable quality in home skin care at a professional level.

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