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Xenoderm is our company founded in 1999 for the production and distribution of certified and indispensable cosmetic-medical solutions for aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

Ocean Activity

The passion for natural cosmetics was born long before it became a widespread trend.

Since 2015, cosmetics have been used in the fields of medicine and professional aesthetics. In 2021, the desire for a new adventure arose from the need to satisfy a wider and more diverse audience. Customers are looking for a new kind of healthy cosmetics that will make them feel in harmony with themselves. The mission is: every life is precious and nature has everything we need. Control and safety start at the bottom, with the production and sourcing of raw materials.

All products are manufactured and packaged locally to reduce environmental impact and offer an exclusive product. The strategy is transparent: the cosmetic products are serious and simply formulated, always with the consumer's needs in mind. The team shares the ideal of natural beauty and well-being and addresses everyone who wants to feel in harmony with their body, with green cosmetics that are effective and suitable for everyone.

The use of active ingredients from the sea and plant extracts is the basis for a natural cosmetic that harmonizes with the skin and the body, multisensory and ecologically sustainable. All products are of controlled and reliable origin, free from animal testing and comply with European safety criteria. The use of natural ingredients significantly reduces the likelihood of allergies, skin irritation and ineffective results. Packaging is minimal and avoids the use of environmentally harmful materials.

Ocean Activity® anti-wrinkle cream with enhanced effect

Anti-wrinkle cream reduces wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. The unique combination of a hexapeptide and an octapeptide with a mechanism of action enhances the effectiveness of this cream. 50ML
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€879.00 per Liter

Ocean Activity® Moisturizing and restructuring cream

Ocean Activity "Crema idratante e ristrutturante" is a moisturizing and restructuring cream for the face. The nourishing, fast-absorbing texture contains a healing and regenerating active ingredient that restores the skin's natural moisture balance, while the plant extracts contained protect against the degradation of the epidermis and the effects of the...
immediately available
€349.50 per Liter

Ocean Activity® RENOVA - The anti-aging mask that makes your skin glow

Experience the revitalizing effect of Ocean Activity® RENOVA - luminous anti-wrinkle mask. This moisturizing mask is infused with a delicate serum and is suitable even for sensitive skin. Its formulation aims to reduce the depth of facial wrinkles and reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. Content 1x mask 13ML
immediately available

Ocean Activity® toning and slimming cream

A dense formulation based on an active ingredient derived from the sea that simulates the action of a strength training workout, enhanced with natural anti-cellulite extracts to improve body tone and ensure a more defined V-face.
immediately available
€1,257.15 per Liter
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