Dermapen needle head with 36 needles
Dermapen needle head with 36 needles
Dermapen needle head with 36 needles
Dermapen needle head with 36 needles
Dermapen needle head with 36 needles
Dermapen needle head with 36 needles

Dermapen needle head with 36 needles | for NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL (5 pieces)

The matching needle module with 36 single needles for the Dermapen model Xtra CONTROL. Powerful, precise and with a wide range of applications for delicate and painless skin punctures.


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Dermapen Needling Head for X-tra CONTROL - 36 Pin Needle Module (5 pieces)

High quality Dermapen replacement needle head with 36 needles for electric Dermapen models



- NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL

Original replacement needle heads can be quickly and safely attached to Dermapens. Ideal for treating wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, age spots and professional BB Glow treatment. Sealed packaging.

-' Needles made from a surgical grade stainless steel

-' Thanks to the reduced number of needles, deep treatments are also possible

-' Particularly painless thanks to the small needle diameter

-' Redness disappears in a short time

-' Short recovery and long lasting results

-' Safe handling thanks to the sterilization area and the twist cap

-' Excellent price/performance ratio for economical processing

-' Recommended depth: from 0.25 mm to 0.75 mm

5 spare needle heads are included in the scope of delivery

Needle guide NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL

Medical Needling, Microneedling and BB Glow

The right needle selection for microneedling

MTS, BB Glow & Microneedling

Needle head 12

Needles 12x: Suitable for acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks

Needle head 36

Needles 36x: Skin discoloration, pigmentation spots, skin rejuvenation, BB Glow and Large Pores

Needle head 42

Needles 42x: Suitable for pigment spots, large pores

Nanoneedles - Needle head for microneedling

Nanoneedle head: For painless application of active ingredients, BB Glow application, skin renewal

2. Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading

Ideal needle selection for PMU

Permanent Make-Up

Needle head 1 needle

1 needle: ideal for lip contours, eyelines and tattoos

Needle head 3 Needle

3 needles: Eyebrow contour, Eyebrow, Lip contour

Needle head 5 Needle

5 needles: Eyeliner, lip pigmentation, narrow areas and eyebrows

Needle head 3 Needle

3 needles: Tattoos and eyebrows

Needle head 5 Needle

5 needles: optimal for tattoos and eyebrows

Needle head 5 Needle

7 needles: Recommended for eyebrows and tattoos


1. First remove the needle head from the packaging. Be very careful not to damage the stainless steel needles.

2. You can use the needle head directly or disinfect it with an Instrusol water mixture. To do this, mix Instrusol® with water in a glass according to the instructions for use and place the needle head in it for 15 minutes, then rinse the needle module with warm water. Then allow to air dry.

3. The needle head has a bayonet fitting. This connection is a quick and detachable mechanical connection between two cylindrical parts around their longitudinal axis. The parts are connected by inserting them into each other and turning them in opposite directions, thus separating them again after use. Now insert the needle head into your NeedlingPen.

4. Just turn it until it clicks into place, you will hear a soft click.

5. You can now set the desired needle length with the rotary control on the NeedlingPen. However, please note that the device must be switched on due to the protective mechanism. Your NeedlingPen is now ready for use.

How often can Dermapen replacement needles be used?

One of the most frequently asked questions: Can the Dermapen needle head be used more often or not? And can the needle heads be disinfected similar to a dermaroller? Generally all needle heads according to hygiene regulations (e.g. HygV BW § 2 Abs. 3) are prescribed as a single use product. Accordingly, skin damaging cosmetic procedures should be performed with sterile items and materials

Articles used for this purpose must not be reused after use. The Dermapen replacement needle heads are solidly manufactured and can, according to experience, be used up to three times in the private sector after disinfection in the insertion procedure with an InstruSol water mixture

However, as soon as you notice that an unpleasant sensation occurs during treatment, the needle head should be replaced immediately. Never share the same needle head with other people.

Therefore you should buy your Dermapen replacement needles at prpmed buy.

PRPMED has high-quality Dermapens and the corresponding replacement needles for microneedling applications. The Dermapen needle heads were developed by renowned manufacturers for demanding customers who do not want to compromise on safety and quality. Workmanship, high-quality needles and attractive prices in a value package make our Dermapen replacement needles so popular.


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